Pimax crashes and Image freezes inside of Pimax...and errors


Not too often a game with Steam VR crashes while in game and after closing of the game, the image of the game that crash still stays within the headset even after unplugging the HMDI and USB cables, I try powering off the headset, nothing seems to resets the Headset except rebooting my PC. Is there anyway that I can reboot or refresh the headset without turning off my PC, because this happens more often when I use my Pimax4k with Vorpx…

Also another issue, I Piplay doesn’t start anymore I get this error (OPENSSL_Uplink(00007FF95000,08): No OPENSSL_Applink. I’ve fully removed all files associated with Piplay and did a full re-install, yet I still get this error.


Try installing as admin. Pitool works as well inatead of piplay.


You can stop/start service with batch file, that will reset HMD.


Unplugging the pimax USB at pc end and reinserting it should also reset the hmd


That doesn’t work for me.


this is on the 4k right? there should be no other cables other than the USB and HDMI that are connected to the HMD. so if there is no power to the device it should go off… it has no battery? if USB and HDMI are both unplugged does it go off?