Pimax Day 3 - Unanswered questions and undiscussed items

Hello @Matthew.Xu,

Thank you for the reply, could you indicate where/when @PimaxVR will be releasing a reply to the abovementioned questions and issues concerning the confirmed new optics which were not yet discussed?

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu

Sorry to bump again, but I would really like to get an answer to this. I’m waiting to do my RMA until I get an answer on this…


Is the “Pimax day 3” even a thing? Has it been announced anywhere?

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Yeah it has been confirmed actually.

Regarding Pimax Day 3 - Timestamp - 01h27m10s - 01h27m25s

And regarding Pimax answering any additional unanswered questions on the forums - Timestamp: 01h06m10s - 01h07m00s


Sorry, I’m not sure yet.

@Matthew.Xu Would it be possible for you to get an estimated time of arrival for the news update with info about the new lenses and answers to the above questions, and provide the ETA to the community for the lense optics news and the answers to the questions posted above either in a post on the forum or on the next Pimax livestream on day 3?

Also, I have seen this additional question asked I would like the answer as well.
We know 8KX can only operate with a 5m cable but it would be good to know if an extension cable would work on the 8KX whilst using the upscaled 4k mode at 90hz? Thanks.

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Are new optics confirmed now?

Resoundingly “NO!”, but @Mantidtings continues to rely on @SweViver saying “I wish I could tell you more but I can’t”.


Good thing he isn’t a business then as he’s misleading us all… :crazy_face:

It makes no difference whether the business intended to mislead you or not. If the overall impression left by a business’s advertisement, promotion, quotation, statement or other representation creates a misleading impression in your mind


@DrWilken This above reply was a direct response to the questions asked in this thread concerning new lenses. So its not just Sweviver’s comment I’m basing my reasoning on.

It would be misleading for Pimax to say that the upcoming response would be of interest when replying to a question raised by myself and @Davobkk about new lenses if no such information about new lenses is given.

It’s the most important question that hasn’t been answered. Basically every review on the Pimax 8K headsets conclude the lenses have distortion issues and cause eye strain. Almost every comparison with other HMD’s concludes Pimax is not the better headset because of these issues. More resolution is great but useless if the headset is unusable

Pimax are dead silent on both the lenses and the actual release date of the 8K-X. Would be nice to get some official answers before we slam down another 1700 USD


Is it really the case Pimax are “silent” on 8K-X release date?

Unless I’m much mistaken, I’m sure Kevin (Pimax USA) said on Sweviver’s Youtube Channel on either Pimax Day 2 or previously, that the very first 8K-X ‘Vision’ headsets will be sent out to backers from December 18th.

If so this would mean some Americans may get their 8K-X headsets within 2019 and logic would dictate that once the new year arrives the rest of the backers will receive their headsets too, then pre-orders, and finally once their is enough stock anyone can order an 8K-X from the Pimax store as per usual.

If I’m correct, that is not really being silent on 8K-X release date, in my opinion, rather than not confirming a definite release date, because naturally, backers get theirs first, then pre orders.

As it would be impossible to make a guess of when this would happen with any certainty, it’s probably quite sensible (at this point in time) Pimax hasn’t committed to a general release date of 8K-X until all the backlog of backers is finally completed - otherwise, people will get even more frustrated when more projected target times are missed.

In their situation of needing to finish Kickstarter orders, I’d also not commit to a date either to be honest as the 8K-X is brand new and likely still under going final testing.


Which is so strange, since I experience neither of those things.

I guess I must have a lucky head-shape or something. I notice the SDE most of the time (and try to ignore it as best I can) and I rarely (but occasionally) see the Fresnel rings, but those are the only image quality issues which bother me.


I don’t know about the new lenses, we can’t do more now.
However, I know that 8KX cable is different from others, so there will be an 8KX cable on the store.

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I would be PISSED if people who arent backers got the 8KX before me. Ive been waiting for over 2 damn years.


So do i get this right,there are no new lenses in the new pimax 8kx??

If so ,i think i need to cancel my order because with the old lenses i have alot of eyestrain and its not usable for me

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I believe that may be answered in Pimax Day 3 video stream. I don’t know the date of this though, sorry.

I believe there is a possibility of new lenses but we need to have hard facts from Sweviver/Kevin (Pimax USA) on Pimax Day 3 or when there is permission to share any technological updates before we jump to conclusions either way.

I wouldn’t give up right now or at all. Be aware that eye strain can be amplified by inaccurate or suboptimal IPD setting. If I’m correct, eventually eye tracking will support automatic and accurate IPD.

Also if you wear glasses, the eye tracking module will support prescription lenses which would be far better than having on the MK1 5K/8K housing using the old face foam, a pair of glasses crammed up to and even touching the lenses which would result in eye strain or impaired vision.

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Gotta agree. I used to see some distortion when I first got it, and was still getting eyestrain until quite recently.

But, seating the headset better and better removed these issues for me one by one. I’m now wondering whether others are blaming the lenses and wide FOV for bad positioning.

Unfortunately, this is also kinda Pimax’s fault, because the standard strap, foam, and weight balance have a very high chance of causing these problems imho. Add to that everyone’s different IPD, eye sensitivity, face shape, glasses / distance to lenses etc etc.

And it’s been 1-2 years for most people and we’re still only just starting to get an idea of shipping for the MAS and CK.

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I am also very much hoping that the MAS and CK can overcome the forward weight balance, and I hope that’s what @PimaxUSA can confirm from extensive testing - I would strongly prefer to avoid the need for a counterweight. Until now I wouldn’t have been able to use a Pimax at all without one.

I’m curious to know the shape of your skulls. Because I have no need for any counter weights and that’s probably due to the strap fitting

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