Pimax Day 3 - Unanswered questions and undiscussed items

Yeah just goes to show there’s no ‘one size fits all’ for VR :slightly_smiling_face:

I would guess maybe the bridge of my nose is quite narrow, so I don’t get enough support even from double foam. So without a counter, the forward weight presses down heavily on my nose and cheeks in a very uncomfortable way, and can slide enough to lose the sweet spot.

Who says I have a weird skull :joy:


Have you tried the IPD offset?

I can imagine the stretchy bit on top pulls the headset up too much and you need some added weights

Thus far unfortunately my questions are still not answered… Maybe I’ll just have to ask next week at VRDays :smiley:

The lenses are the same, they have only automized the callibration or testing i recall from Kevin.
It will be a big gamble if the optics was not right for you before, i would stay away from it if that was the case for me…


The opposite (I think), because all the weight is at the front of the headset, it kept sliding down at the front and the cloth strap wasn’t snug or strong enough to compensate, so the counterweight does that job instead.

I also have Davobkk’s straps - this was enough to sit my Lenovo correctly in place every time (weight wasn’t the issue, just the small sweet spot), but can’t solve it for me alone on a Pimax

What I did, I made the central strap a bit longer, so it goes down over the back of my head, and then adjusted the side straps so they pull it slightly (not too much). This way I can wear the headset almost hanging freely over my face.

I have 2 cm thick face pad and with this the face mask barely touches the tip of my nose, so there is really not much of a support on the face. But even in this position, the headset is firmly anchored at the back of my head. I play mostly E:D so I do not need it having strapped tight, but even for an occasional session in Beat Saber it works ok.

You need to have a particular “anchorage” on your skull to do that. I would say if you do not lose a baseball cap in the strong wind, you should be fine.


yes i did tried that too…

Hmmm I suppose I could I have tried it but I didn’t want to modify the strap, I’m already at the limit of the velcro :slight_smile:

I’m using a second foam on top of the standard one, but still not enough and not snug. Plus using double sided velcro means lots of elements keep sticking together when they shouldn’t. Occasional face chafe from the velcro too :smile: Mostly ED player too

Interesting analogy as I have a woolly cap (ie much heavier than a baseball cap) and can still blow off in strong wind hehe

Tbh I had no problem with the Lenovo hard plastic strap with the back dial when combined with Davobkk’s strap, so just hoping the MAS and CK are up to the same standard and then it should finally work properly

I guess I did not express myself correctly. What I meant was I adjusted the middle strap in a way that it was longer than one would normally use/expect. :wink:

I have a friend who loses his cap almost every time we go sailing. When we made a scientific analysis, we observed his skull is missing a necessary bulge on which the cap’s rear band normally hooks. This is the spot where I hook up the strap.


Don’t worry I understood, but because the velcro is already at the max possible for me, I would have to modify it if I want to extend it any further :+1:

I have a friend who loses his cap almost every time we go sailing. When we made a scientific analysis, we observed his skull is missing a necessary bulge on which the cap’s rear band normally hooks. This is the spot where I hook up the strap.

Hehe it’s probably easier if I modify my head rather than the strap :crazy_face:


Do you work at CERN, seriously?


I have no idea why would you think that :thinking:.


Is there something to do for KS backers who add money to their pledge during KS campaign in order to receive these items that aren’t stretch goals ?
(For handtracking module, i added 100+10shipping as told by Pimax)-> do I need to preorder it in store or something?

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I’m not official, but in the past @PimaxUSA has said the best way to address these corner cases is via making a support ticket.


@PimaxUSA @SweViver @Matthew.Xu

Will you please take your time to clarify.
When I was asking about the (backed) cable recently you said @PimaxUSA that it will be delivered and you did not refer to my idea to use the backed money for something else. (meaning for me “no, you can’t redistribute the money”)

Now, in the update it’s said to contact service in that matter.
The cable is on the store though but as I understood that Pimax is using new cables that do not go with the old headsets so I guess I can’t use it?


The only device with a new cable is the X. All other cables are compatible with any Pimax 5k+, 8K, XR or 8K+.


Thx for the quick reply. Anyhow, how come the part in the update + cable beeing at the store?

Is it still yet to be confirmed if a 2m extension and/or wireless can work on the X in upscaled mode or reduced FOV native res mode (something with lower requirements)? I am waiting as are many of my friends to make a purchase decision based on these answers!

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Only 5m for 8kx is confirmed to work