Pimax deluxe strap



So since its been a fair bit of time since the release of the headset, and now the controllers that weren’t initially planned are underway, I have myself wondering when is the promised nicer headstrap coming? Is it not coming at all? I have the delux audio strap mod on mine, but it is not without its drawbacks and I would really like to see the proper nice headstrap finally be delivered


what drawback ? the HTC VIves DAS is perfect.
you just need to unscrew the cable grip that is on the right to put it on the left and all is perfect.
with the thick rear foam from VRcover it is excellent.
Still struggling to find a nice solution for the face foam (will try the one from vive Pro, some people said it is ok.)


I’ve bought a few of these (same setup as Yours otherwise):

They fit me well and though there’s a gap at the nose area I don’t mind (ventilation)… :wink:


One of the drawbacks is that people with smaller heads can not fit it, namely kids.
Also it looks a little ghetto withe the velcro strap approach, and the swivel up and down is not functional that way either.
Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t terrible. I’m just a little upset to hear 0 news about the headstrap that I was promised to get in the first place when backing the headset. The same can be said about the extra face cushion.
Was that just a trick to lure in more money?


you presume the Pimax DAS design will automatically resolve this issue.

Also, this is the solution for the velco ghetto look. Works great, and free.


Yeah, I do presume that it will fix this issue, as it is designed for this particular headset and would have a design to accommodate various head sizes, just like the vive DAS does for the headset it was designed for.
The thing I’m getting at is that I don’t think I should have to try to make vive DAS work better, there was a headstrap promised. The thing I am trying to get at now is not “hey any suggestions to get vive das better?”
I’m asking is the headstrap that was promised to come with the headset going to come… ever?


I feel exactly the same as you, until I realized a few months ago that all the pleading and common sense arguements in favour of this will (and have) fallen on deaf ears by Pimax. We’ll be lucky if everthing is shipped before the snow falls again. So I opted for the DAS and printed the clips myself and it works great. I’m not waiting for Pimax to stop dragging their feet so I took care of business myself to add comfort to the HMD.


Yeah, I came here just to get to the bottom of this and if I was to get no reply I’d fix it myself. Just feel scammed


me too, because it cost me 2 base stations (1.0) and and 2 controllers and a DAS for about 500$ that i already paid to pimax to get the same.
But well , while other are mumbling against pimax, i have fun with mine.


Offtopic but: Wut wut wut… where did you read this?


I mean you can see that by the landscape. Do you see any early reviews of the deluxe pimax strap? no, you see videos about the upcoming controllers. Clearly that would indicate that the strap is not being worked on


Pimax has not delivered any accessories or kickstarter stretch goals. The way I see it, they were just mentioned back then to increase pledges. I hope I am wrong because until now I have played more on my Oculus Quest than on my Pimax.


You are absolutely correct that at the time of the kickstarter 18 months ago Pimax hyped up a full package and stretch goals simply to attract more pledges when all they had at that time was a 1st generation beta prototype of the headset only that even after multiple lens redesigns was still rejected as unacceptable by the chosen beta testers from this forum. The only other thing shown “in it’s final stage of design” has been the sword controllers. Everything else is just talk.


I didn’t even back the controllers or base stations so imagine my annoyance that they, along with the 8kx(which was advertised as not coming until much later), seem to be the ONLY thing Pimax is working on and all the accessories that were promised to EVERYONE seem to have been halted.


It’s definitely not… the headphones barely touch my ears, lol.


Alright, I guess then the official technique is pretend the issue isn’t there. Thanks for the support team pimax!