Pimax Developer Section + Question



Is there a specific place where I can ask question pertaining to the Unity SDK? I am having trouble developing for it. For now I’ll ask it here. I developed a game for Unity with the original Vive and also Leap Motion hand tracking. If I run it with the Pimax instead of the Vive I can see objects disappearing and reappearing for rendering on the edges of the headset. This happens even on the smallest FOV. I tried inserting the Pimax Prefabs (PVR Session and PVR Camera Rig) into the game but now the headset will start spinning faster and faster for about 5 seconds before SteamVR crashes. Then the game will become very slow. I am playing it in the editor but still… I have even tried creating a new project and inserting it in there. The same thing happens. There have been a couple of times messing with the prefabs that it’ll start working. I’ll save it but I close unity and open it again and the issue reappears. I try changing the exact things like I did the first time but it won’t fix it. Anyone else having issues like this? Suggestions?