Pimax Developer Section + Question



Is there a specific place where I can ask question pertaining to the Unity SDK? I am having trouble developing for it. For now I’ll ask it here. I developed a game for Unity with the original Vive and also Leap Motion hand tracking. If I run it with the Pimax instead of the Vive I can see objects disappearing and reappearing for rendering on the edges of the headset. This happens even on the smallest FOV. I tried inserting the Pimax Prefabs (PVR Session and PVR Camera Rig) into the game but now the headset will start spinning faster and faster for about 5 seconds before SteamVR crashes. Then the game will become very slow. I am playing it in the editor but still… I have even tried creating a new project and inserting it in there. The same thing happens. There have been a couple of times messing with the prefabs that it’ll start working. I’ll save it but I close unity and open it again and the issue reappears. I try changing the exact things like I did the first time but it won’t fix it. Anyone else having issues like this? Suggestions?


Did you get up and running? I agree, sure would be nice if we had a section for developers on the forum. I’m on Unity 2019.2.1f1 and as soon as I run a project with the PVRCameraRig, steam VR crashes, but the scene still runs. The frame rate is only like 12 FPS, even with nothing in the scene. Anyone have any ideas?


There is a Dev section. Maybe @Matthew.Xu can add you gentlemen. But it’s not as active as it should be.


Maybe we can help get it going. :wink:


Indeed. But do need a pimax programmer to help get it active as well that can amswer sdk questions & such. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Next month we will start designing new forums. We will have a developer’s section.

I will put the new forum design map here to share with you and take your suggestions next month.

But before that, I’ll create a task for your issue to RD. Thank you.


Could you try to use the example scenes in the Pimax Unity SDK?


Sorry, got pulled off on another project. Just tried a sample scene with the same results. It worked for me on an earlier version of Unity.


What I would really like to be able to do is convert my current camera rig to a Pimax rig. It has several scripts and some custom models attached, and several scripts reference the scripts on the controllers, so it will take a ton of work to get all of that moved to the Pimax rig and get it all working again. Is there some way I can make my current camera rig into a Pimax rig? It works with mine, but it is very jumpy and “flickery” and laggy. When I was able to get the pimax rig to work, it was nice and smooth.


Hey @Heliosurge, I appreciate all of your help so far. Have a big VR project that I need to start Monday and really need to get the Pimax camera rig working in my project before then so I can get smooth graphics since this project will have thousands of models in it. I contacted @Matthew.Xu and also emailed the developer email but they haven’t had time to respond yet. Anything you can do to help?
Thanks a ton!


The core team is off on holiday due to China National Day. Unfortunately til Monday.

However @PimaxUSA might be able to assist.


I hope the core team is back. I reinstalled SteamVR, but still no luck.


Might not be til tomorrow. Unfortunate the member tagged didn’t respond. My apologies.


No problem @Heliosurge, I appreciate all of your help.


Pimax Unity SDK can not be used with Steamvr Unity SDK, It will stop steamvr automatic when the game start, you should choose only one of them, remember to disable the openvr in unity player settings when use Pimax SDK. and of course you can also use Steamvr SDK because Pimax Headset support Steamvr(OpenVR) too.


Hi All… I’ve been working in VR (hobby only, not my “day job”) using Vive 1.0 and Pimax 5K+ on the same pair of lighthouses. I didn’t know there was a Pimax Unity SDK… Generally I’ve found the SteamVR API to work fine. I only have one problem at the moment which is my hand models sometimes get “tangled up” and the model is all messy. Does anyone else have this problem or maybe know how to solve it? Thanks in advance! Attmepting to attch good and bad example images - note that if I build the app and run it on my Vive, the problem goes away.



Do you build it specifically for Vive? If yes, how? Which headset configuration do you use on Pimax (FOV, parallel projection, supersampling)? Did you try different configurations?


I’m not building for the vive, I’m just using standard Unity settings, which are meant to work for all headsets.

As for the projection/FOV/etc., everything else works fine on my Pimax system - I can move around my scene and the game works (for what it is, which is a sort of tech demo) and I play games all the time, that’s fine. I think it has something to do with the SteamVR API inside unity talking to some aspect of the Pimax headset. Also, should have mentioned before: sometimes the hands disappear completely, leaving only controllers, no hand models. These are standard Vive controllers.


Maybe I was not clear, my question should have read:

Which headset configuration do you use on Pimax (FOV, parallel projection, supersampling) when you run your app and your model is trashed? Did you try different configurations and did you observe the same behavior?


Sorry, I should have responded in more detail.

  • Smart Smoothing ON/OFF : no difference
  • Parallel projections ON/OFF : no difference
  • Fixed Foveated Rendering ON/OFF : no difference
  • Field of View Large/Normal/Small : no difference

Sometimes, without changing settings but on exiting/entering the Unity Play Mode, hands disappear completely.

When I Build and Run the app, I see exactly the same behaviour as in Unity Play Mode.

My next plan is to upgrade SteamVR to latest although that can be a painful process. They changed something about the hands in the latest version.

Footnote: I upgraded (and for once it didn’t break everything!) - after generating input maps everything is exactly as before in SteamVR 2.4.5 with the exception that the physics they added to the hands is now a disaster becase the rapidly switching hand models means you can’t pick anything up! Your random fingers collide with any interactable object and push it away. So I had to switch off the Hand Physics script.