Pimax doesn't deliver


If you have been unable to get it to be sent by now, i don’t see how you could be able to get it to be sent properly this time. It also seems you have not cared enough to contact the shipping company for information on the issue, same way it seems like you have not cared enough to inform me nor to try to answer me properly nor to try to send it through other shipping company, so i don’t believe you will care enough now nor get to deliver it this time. As i said i have escalated the issue to paypal, and am waiting for my full refund.


Yeah, I bought my 4K from Gearbest too, arrived quickly and wasn’t picked up by customs in Germany, Bonus! So Gearbest looks like the way to go for anyone reading this.


Pimax did not give me back my money, i had to go through with a claim on PayPal, to which they did not respond, so after 10 more days, PayPal decided on my favour and retrived the money from Pimax’s account and gave it back to me.


Sorry to hear they failed to get this sorted. Especially when both scenarios should have been easy. Just shows the new system is not working at all.

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It would be neat if someone of the team did respond to the problems of the support system?


Hi @Neko, we are truly sorry that you have not received our product and we should improve our customer service indeed. We are now optimizing the ticket system and forum support.If you have any need later, please do not hesitate to contact @Pimax-Support. Finally, we sincerely hope for your understanding and forgiveness.


Even though you said it would be a long explanations I still have a lot of questions to give you any advise. Sooo… The first one is why exactly you can’t track your order if they gave you special code? Is that a problem of code? Is that a problem of the site? Is that the problem of particular tracking service you used? Some delivery companies have their own tracking service on the web site or something, so you can check your parcel. If you can’t do this there, you can use one of the sites like https://pkge.net/couriers/amazon-logistics. You can choose an exact company and track their number. If you don’t know, you can do pretty the same by typing the code it general section. That’s what I can say as far.