Pimax doesnt work with hdmi extension cable


Well, i’ve purchased a hdmi extension cabel (pretty long, about 4-5m) and my pimax shows only black screen when connected through this cable.
Any idea how to fix this? (maybe i need some additional adapter?)
Please share your experience about how to extend pimax cables, especially if you’re nolo user.

p.s. so sad ;( purchased usb extension, hdmi extension, moved my table to get more space and was ready to go, but no, as always some issues appears at the start :(((

Pimax 4K headset not recognized in piplay

My bad, there is already a thread about that issue…

So i probably need to try hdmi repeater or lower resolution to full hd :frowning:
p.s. lowering resolution to full hd hepls by the way… well, lets see if its acceptable with 3.0 supersampling


I bought a hdmi female to female adapter and usb extension, both work fine. It is possible


it workd with some cables and some female to female adapters.
i cannot tell howto define witch one work and witch dont without trying.

my expierience was that first adapter did not work, first cable and second adapter did work but there was lot of clitches in picture. now i have maybe 1.2m dvi to hdmi cable and adapter. there still are sometimes some random arifacts in picture but not too much or often.


Well, i have played “Arizona Sunshine” in full hd (1080p) with 3.0 supersampling with 5m hdmi extenstion cable until my accumulators got exhausted, no artefact, works very well, looks pretty fine, lots of fun, i must admit this was really a good experience compared to htc vive that i got in 2016. Now i like pimax and nolo very much!:slight_smile:


can you tell us which cables you bought? I have found that the Pimax serial 102XXX works with a 3M hdmi/usb extension withour an active repeater. my serial 100XXX does not. Pimax software 1.2.91 recognizes the headset as being connected but no display. I really want the 100XXX to work extended.


I used this hdmi connect with 3m hdmi cable and USB extend, it;s working well.


Tried that. No good on P1 Pimax, works ok on BE Pimax. They must have done something in the hardware. I’m going to try one of those active extenders, and after that the HDMI to Ethernet one. Thanks for the input.


I’ve tried to find the info for the hdmi adaptor, but I’ve lost it. I bought the cables a long way back for other things. They are only 2.5m cables I think. The adapter is just a cheap generic thing I found on amazon, very much like that one above.
I’d try shorter cables. It should work fine, mine does, you just need the right combo.

Ah I found it. It’s this one:


For my work only HDMI extension cable 3m Pimax4k


I have an extension cable setup working with my Pimax 4k. Some cables are sometimes not recognized. In theory the shorter and more expensive cables are better but it can be a bit of a lucky dip. I purchased various cables of differing lengths and supposed ratings. It is possible to get working.


i will buy this product from aliexprees but can i ask you a question please wich one is good for Pimax 4K Hdmi v2.0a or Hdmi v2.0b i ask it google but can’t find anything about their diffrerents



It’s not a big difference.