PIMAX ERROR - The international version does not match the hmb



Ive just installed piplay english version PiSetup_x64.exe International version 1.1.73
Released: 2 Sep 2016
Announcement: English
OS: 64bit windows 7,8,10(only)

After installing that version of PiPlay i get message when connecting googles to the computer :
“The international version does not match the hmd”

So as i suppose my googles are in china version firmware and thats why i got that msg.

So i uninstalled that PiPlay and installed piplay_x64_1.1.67 version.
After instalation i get PiService.exe stoped working error and i still got “where is my PIMAX?” information :confused:

What can i do ?
My setup is:
Windows 10 PRO
GTX 780
intel i7 7600k
And i got htc vive which is working like charm already.

PLS help :smiley:


Got same problem. Chinese version is working perfectly, but english piplay gives: “The international version does not match the hmd”


dude how did u make chinese version work ? ? and how the device should be listed in hardware manager list ? in which group should it be listed ? and what led colour on gogles do u have when their status is ok ? my led is already green.


I also have the issue of the “international version does not match the hmd”. I installed the chinese firmware 1.1.67 and when I connect the HMD the software continues to spin. Any solutions to this?



you can install a new graphics driver 362.0 , then try again . and must use English piplay driver downlaod here [Release]PiPlay Download .


you should comfirm one thing , the HMD in you hand is Chinese version or English version . English version firmware version is : not , yours is Chinese version , if you want English version please email me : nick.yan@pimaxvr.com, i will send you document method to firmware upgrade .


yours frimware should be Chinese version , please email me : nick.yan@pimaxvr.com , say you need upgrade firmware to English version , then i will send you email how to do .


I wrote to you on email and you give me link to global site http://en.pimaxvr.com/

are You joking ?


DONT SEND ME USLESS INFO ABOUT http://en.pimaxvr.com/ site becouse this is not what im begging You !

All i need is method how to upgrade firmware !!! thats all!!!

Im tryin to be calm but srsly … its so fckn hard…


Still waiting for mine to arrive from gearbest. I was looking on ali express and someone mentioned he had to change windows language to English to stop the crash. You might want to give that a try if your windows is not english.

Heres the link



but dude. i dont have a crash anymore. i just have chinese version of firmware on googles and it only works with chinese piplay software version. and when im using that software i can use only PIPLAY AND NOTHIMG MORE! steam dont see the googles becouse they are not in direct mode. and the problem is that when im clickin the button which is on chinese piplay soft in form of fckn squares, it change for a second to direct mode but then automaticly switch to extend mode (i see two monitors on my pc). after that it is unable to use steamvr becouse it not recognise googles…

i suppose that the firmware on my googles which is is chinese and bugged somehow and all i want from SUPPORT is to get to know how to change firmware… im coresponding with yanliang from forum becouse he wrote to write him mail way and he will give the method to change firmware from chinese to english. and all i get from him is fckn “u should not use chinese version” “use english from global site” “http://en.pimaxvr.com/

this is all he helped with firm upgrade… guy who write here to write him and he will answer with proper solution to upgrade firmware … gives me nothing but fxxxn site link looooooooooooool wtf is that ? :D:D


Attempt to update firmware resulted broken volume keys.
Pressing power and volume keys :dizzy_face: broke small plastic part somwhere inside and now keys are pressed down all the time. :rage: Flashing software still showign that device is not connected. Dissapointing experience.


Dude can u send me a flashing software and firmware file?? My email scott_gs@wp.pl


Hello, you can send me an English guide,

I can not use the glasses unfortunately.

Property already the system switched to English.

I have a
Geforce GTX 780 TI, NV 362.00 Driver
Windows 10 1607 14393.187 new instaliert

Mode: Direct Mode

Furthermore, the glasses will be recognized only as FULL HD 1080

Please help me.

I come from Germany.

Is it possible that someone establishes by Teamviwer?

Please provide a functioning English instruction.
With indication which driver version.
Specifying which resolution version in English in display settings, and NVIDIA Control Panel settings.

Please aiuch a guide as Oculus VR takes the glasses and STEAM VR.

It can not be that hard. What a version ran the fair on the ECS? seemed indeed to run !!!

For what it needs an international firmware and a Chinese firmware ??

Thanks I just want to use

be your könten right konkurenz for RIFT and VIVE. makes the drivers and software Executable works of mine from 24hours


thank you


u can try to install oculus 0.6 runtime