Pimax fix your website, or take it offline


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I have tended to be pretty relaxed about pimax, i have generally cut them a lot of slack as small company. They have known there were hack/redirect issues with their website shop for some time now. And they still have not fixed them.


A few times, because of autocompletes, i have gone to the main pimax website page. It happened before and was a non issue. Just now i did it, and norton blocked a ‘high severity intrusion attempt’

Take your main website down if you cant secure it. If peoples first experience with your company after reading a toms hardware article or seeing a video review, and god forbid wanting to know more, is having their computer hacked and filled with malware, it is not going to do you any favours. better no website at all than that.

Please get your shit together on this. It has been weeks, and it is getting worse.


I’m sorry but it’s these kind of basic things a company should have a grip on to ever expand their business. I wish Pimax all the best, don’t take me wrong, but for example: I am shopping on the internet, i come across a website with a nice price on the things i am shopping for. But the buttons don’t scale on my screen or the certificate is stated insafe, or pages won’t load properly or techique is heavily outdated? Maybe one minute and im gone, on to the next. I’m pretty sure that for 98% of all people the same rule could be applied. For me, it tells that the company is not really worth the trust of placing an order. Even if i like what i see. No offense intended, but it’s off my chest now :smirk: Pimax, please don’t let this ruin your business. It’s totally easy to fix.


Linux machines are often better for security & can be ran live on stick. I use my linux machine more for general :surfing_man:.


That’s true, Helio. But i can’t really like it for daily use. All apps i am used to need to be reconfigured or won’t work on Linux. I’ve tried several builds also one on the Chrome laptop, but i can’t adore IT so much. A lot of reinventing is needed to get it work for you. On the other hand, that’s why its less plageued with virusses :thinking:


True Wine doesn’t work great for everything & can often require a lot of messing around. Now alternatively running virtual box or the like might be good to run a linux distro in for added protection.

I can say Comodo anti virus is good as it sandboxes your web browsers to isolate them from the system & programs like Kodi.

But does ask you a lot if you want to run things not marked known in their data base & has a free version.


Helio, youre the man!!! I’m running Mint with Cinnamon desktop now on a stick and must say in impressed!! I think i will be busy tonight :yum:

Will Pimax and steam work?


Steam has Linux native. This is what the SteamOS is a linux OS.

Unfortunately VR side has been slow a bit. But htc has linux support as a headset.

Pimax though at present doesn’t have a linux driver. Valve has been pumping money into wine to allow easier non native linux games to be installed. But still can be hit & miss.

Hopefully pimax later can bring support to linux.

Here is link with Gaming in linux will need to find time to update things. Recently came across a linus techtips that updated me on Valve investing development in wine to be able to install Windows game that don’t have native support. Will have to search for that & update topic.


So…After a few days Mint 19, i think its usable for daily tasks, but for gaming, although Wine and Steam for Linux do a sort of job making a few games possible, i wouldn’t recommend Linux for gaming. The biggest issue is direct x and the fiddling with commands and custom shit for getting some of the functionality of the corsair keyboard and other periphals going. Almost no official linux drivers to find for the music and gaming hardware i have, thats a big letdown.
Anayway pleasantly surprised how well emailing and surfing worked in a nice graphic shell. And how snappy Mint is, Will try more with it i guess. Lack of direct x will forever prevent big titles to be playable on Linux, im afraid.


Yeah it’s still touch n go. Will see later if i can find that steamplay topic on special wine inside steam.

Playonlinux & i think there is a project called luttris?

Need to put some time into playing around more.

I have played arround with Ubuntu & ubuntu variants like Mint, ZorinOs, Ultimate Edition, Elementary & the Early version of Deepin (deepin switched over to Debian base; Ubuntu is a debian based fork), SteamOs (base too much like a console & unless changed doesn’t support multi monitor). At present using Manjaro KDE & have used the Deepin desktop flavor(Arch based).

A bunch others