Pimax focus mod



I noticed the hdmi and usb actually have female ports within the hmd...thats good to know.... so if the cord ever got damaged from that video it looks like you could replace that yourself. That was neat to see inside the pimax from an electronics perspective. thanks!


do you think it would be possible to put the screen into a vr casing designed for android, some of them are good.


If you have huge myopa like me you can remove the foam it helps to get a clearer view.

Using a cardboard in order to adjust your vision would not be my decision. We surely can mod a little bit the pimax in order to increase the distance between the lenses and the screen.
I think the lenses are not bad, that's the ipd and the focus which are not right for certain people.
By the way it's more easy to set the right ipd when you have a good focus.

I hope that they will release soon a new firmware with ipd ingame setting.


Now that's an interesting idea! Some of them have dials/knobs for IPD and Focus adjustments. Nice out-of-the-box thinking!!


hey man, i'm an idea's man it is what i do !

it was one of my first thought's when i saw there was no focal legnth adjustment.
not brave enough to try it yet if i was I would use this one


front flap opens up for easy access. I am sure for someone more technical would not be much of an issue. I am better at taking things apart than putting them together !


I actually have the BoboVR (aka Virtoba X5) headset also mentioned in the article. I currently use it with a Sony Xperia Z5 Premium smartphone that has a true 4K display. The images are amazingly good. The headset has IPD and Focus adjustments. I can use it with and without my glasses (I have myopia). One would need to examine the repair videos and exploded views of the PIMAX headset to see if its possible to remove the screen and PC board and fit it somehow into the other headset. From one of the videos it appears that the PC board is mounted perpendicular to the screen. It would have to be removed and mounted parallel to the screen, perhaps behind it if there is room. My biggest fear would be damaging something during the experimentation process. The electronics and connectors may be very delicate. It might mean sacrificing a PIMAX to figure it out.


that was my thought exactly, probably more likely to do that once I have another headset. only then to find out it's truly amazing !


I agree. Some other things to think about are the focal length and brightness. The screen would have to be mounted the correct distance to allow the focus to be in range for the adjustable knobs. Also, there would be no adjustment for the PIMAX screen brightness, so with clear lenses it might be too bright.


Yeah I read an article about that, I am sure to some young engineering type it would be easy to do.
Let's hope a few DIY types and coders make there way to the pimax forum. it could turn into a great product.


Or change the lenses. It should be more easy.


Problem with changing lenses is they have a cut across them. Pimax lenses are not completely round.


No, check the video.


In the video there is a clear cut along the lens. With the caption "closer look at the lenses"
Clearly a cut.


I mean you can't swap them for standard vr lenses. Wrong shape. I guess you mean swap them with other pimax lenses. Then of course :slight_smile:


The lenses are circular. The cut I think you are referring to is just the plastic for nose area. The lenses are behind/underneath that and are circular.


That's what i mean....


We need a company that manufactures a 2K or 4K mini screen with HDMI /USB input. At Kickstarter Cmoar has announced something like that but unfortunately nothing came of it.

With such a mini-screen, you could make real money everyone who has a VR headset for mobile phones like BoboVR could play SteamVR games on PC.

YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFZWKGHrUoI

That would be something for Pimax next Kickstarter campaign :slight_smile:


Look up mipi controller. It allows mobile screens used with display connectors.