Pimax Headband V0.8



I created a new version of my MOD. Now is more like a headband, using my DAS. It has 6 different adjustments. Now it works for all my friends, and get rid of distorsions, glare an all pain in the face hahah.

But actually it needs more work. Soon I will have two more prototypes. Because I want to make it easy to recreate, for you guys, to download the final version and create your own.

Thanks for your help.

@PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang I hope you like it hehe

It’s only this simple piece.

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now that’s a battlestation and a half.


Wait! That’s no moon!


Looks crazy - go on so I can print my own :smiley:


I upload another photo. It’s only three pieces hehe. DAS is the problem, too heavy. But it perfect as counterweight.


Interresting, is it PLA, PETG or ABS?


PLA. 100%. Actually I want to simplify it. But I don’t want to sacrify nothin. v0.7 was this other.


good work man!!!..….


It looks great,but isn’t it gonne break the plastic where its attached too…?Its very thin plastic…(just like the rest lol)


That is awesome & looks quite marketable! :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


@Yen Nice one :slight_smile:
Have you seen rEvolve mod ?:slight_smile:


Yes, I thought in use it at first, but I prefer to use my DAS with the headphones hehe


It supports it very well hehe


Add some 5v Leds & Usb-C connected to 2 port. Hub maybe? :beers::heart_eyes::+1::sparkles:

Looks Consumer ready!


Thanks hahaha I hope I can finish it next week :slight_smile:


I’ve got an old hp wmr headset headstrap attached like that to my pimax , no problems at all


@Yen would you mind sharing the WIP mod? It looks fantastic and I can already see that it would resolve the problems I have been having with positioning on mine. I have a 3d printer on standby so would love to try it out!


Looks great, for the forehead bit, what do you use as padding? Would be tricky to find those pins you use for the mechanism that attaches to the HMD, will there be a version that doesn’t use pins?

Again, awesome work!


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Came across this on AliExpress… Potentially a good (cheap) alternative to DAS.


Are you saying that it is:

  1. cheap compared to the DAS
  2. cheap compared to other DAS alternatives

For me at least, 1 isn’t true. The link you gave was ~95 USD and the DAS is 100 USD. I haven’t looked into DAS alternatives, so I can’t verify if 2 is true.