PiMax IPD too big



I had my IPD measured and it seems mine is 58.5 but the PiMax 5K+ only goes to 59.8. This explains why the headset is always out of focus for me and if I move the headset to the left or right one eye will become clear while the other is blurry.

What should I do?


Did you try the new Pitool Beta Software IPD adjustment?


I had no idea there was one, I’ll try that tonight, thank you!


I saw this thread where you had posted as well.

I haven’t read the whole thing yet though.


The beta tool seemed to help but I traded comfort for some clarity it seems, my nose bridge is crushed. I still can’t seem to get it right because many of the switches panel labels are still very blurry. I also have to physically shift the headset to sit off center on my face so my left eye is clearer. A big part of that is the atrocious head strap. I must be wearing it wrong or something because the headset, even with the straps as far as they will go, just barely fits snug to my face. I have them adjusted to the point where barely any Velcro is touching.

Does anyone know when they are going to release a decent headset so the headset is usable?


Hi Fenestron,

I also have a very narrow IPD (58). Prior to the Pimax, only the Oculus could provide a clear image (tried Vive etc). However, by adding a 3D printed facial interface spacer to the Pimax, thereby moving the lenses further away from my face, I was able to get a very comfortable and clear image. Here is the link to the facial spacer from the thingverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3489564

FYI, using thicker facial padding is also another big help if you don’t want to go the 3d printed route.


That’s a fantastic solution. I don’t own a 3D printer but maybe there’s some service that will print it in one piece for me for a fee. It’s an option that I didn’t have before anyway, so thank you!


I saw where you can simply order a printing place to do it for you which is a great solution. I saw a few videos having adapters printed for the Vive DAS but they said it would not fit folks with a “smaller head”. I am now considering selling my entire PiMax 5k+ (and controllers when they arrive) in exchange for an XTAL if I can’t get a working solution. The headset is completely unusable. IPD 58.5, has anyone found a working solution yet (that doesn’t require tearing the entire headset down like here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Pimax/comments/bq4q8f/extreme_ipd_mod/) ?