Pimax is hell! followed by sends never seen!



Really I would not want them, despite all the negative point, they have dreamed a lot of worlds and many people are enjoying it right now.
They lack staff and the management of a company must be intelligently structured.
As you say, they have no communication between them with duplicates of suspen-xxxx, which for once adds complications considering the number of requests.
They should have followed the requests quickly and give real time waiting and explanation of the problem or problems … it would calm many people and they would be less bonbarder mails.
They would gain reactivity with the few staff they have.
I had a lot of automatic response …
What interests me is when I receive my headphones, I prefer direct than silence …
but to stay like that in total darkness is small.
1 week, 3 months no matter but a date for the helmets output of production … be serious.


I still wait it after 3 months. Waiting is fine, but no update on the so infamous tracker-checker is very stupid of their part.
They add a feature which doesn’t work. And displaying old data means it doesn’t work.
2 weeks to update between “shipped from factory” to “arrived in shanghai”.

In my point of view, "arrived in shanghai shouldn’t last more than 2 days. Over that just mean they take us for idiots isn’t?


To not be bad language,
1: the pimax production spell
2: the pimax direction sanghai
3: arrived sanghai
For the 3rd, what are the tests of the equipment in Sanghai that would explain this?
For my part I think this tracking pre order is not updated …
What makes us have nothing to watch every day and make us sick …


besides I always wait for a return of dallas concerning his question if I had received my pimax … he will answer me in about 2 weeks I imagine …
When I see some who have to return their defective helmet, good luck


Do you plan to play what with your pimax? if it’s simracing apparently it’s ideal …