Pimax is "shipped out from Shangai" since 25/03 and still nothing?




My shipment is stuck somewhere out from Shanghai since 25/03 and none of my mails is replied nor given any attention, can someone explain what is going on ?

Almost a full month to reach out of Shanghai isn’t a bit extreme ?

An info from Mozi for those who are waiting "in shangai" since 25/03

Mine also is shipped 03-25 from factory and I get it before a three days. P1237XX. I get update about shipping only by dpd from UK and all other steps just as it should be. On that page still shows as “shipped out from factory”. If you are inUSA maybe it takes longer.


Not sure where you are, but mine left by March 15th, possibly before, the exact date it left is unknown. It arrived to me in the US 3 days ago, so another week maybe? Obviously I am guessing, just relaying a recent shipment time frame. :slight_smile:


:rofl: hahaha we are the 25/3 band.
I post post ticket but I track nothing.
Me too and somewhere around Shanghai


Mine too, stuck in Shanghai since 25/03


Mine also shipped from Shanghai on 25/3 and I still haven’t received a tracking number.


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Hi we will update the online check system before next Tuesday. and then will keep updating every 2-4 days.


Same here. Order 2018-10-27 , Shipped out from Shanghai 2019-03-25. I’m still waiting for the tracking number.


hahaha benvenuto nella banda del 25/03 :sunglasses:


Lol ! Ho appena contattato PayPal… che banda di suonati questi di pimax


Looks like everything is clear here.


Same here :frowning_face:

But, mine stuck at ‘Arrived in Shanghai’ since 03-25


Same. I live in a very crowded area and I’m scared somebody is going to steal my package because of no tracking number, or any type of good update on shipping.
Hopefully we all get tracking soon.


Same here. :disappointed_relieved:
“Arrived in Shanghai” last update 03-25
Order Date: 2018-12-14
8K VR Headset with Hand motion ,Pre-Order P122xxx


Well, seems I’m not the only one then…


Same for me

P1193 03-25 last updated an Shipped out from shanghai


Check with Pimax via the Support page that your address has been confirmed. Mine had not been and Pimax didn’t bother to tell me so my HMD was sitting in a warehouse gathering dust for weeks for a reason which is still a mystery.

Also a proud member of 25/3 Club :rofl:


It has been 4 weeks since my order left Shanghai. I opened a support ticket and have not received any updates since 6 days ago. This is frustrating.


There is no hope.! Order 2018-10-27 , Shipped out from Shanghai 2019-03-25. I’m still waiting for the tracking number. Paypal please save us