Pimax is "shipped out from Shangai" since 25/03 and still nothing?



Beato te ! Congratulazioni :smiley:
Qua, ancora, tutto tace. Manco PayPal risolve, temo.

  1. May
    Has anyone from the 25/03 Club meanwhile received his HMD?


Still waiting…


Still waiting……………….


good job ! 196 days. Can I say that my money was stolen?


11 May
My HMD arrived in Germany today. I was worried that Pimax would send the wrong headset. The website and mails indicated a 5k+. I switched from 5k+ to 8k in December. But after unpacking, the 8k showed up. At first sight no complains were to be fund. The setup went without problems. The Headset was detected the first time. The image displayed without errors. No dead pixels and no washed out colors.
Well done Pimax!
I can not test the tracking yet because I do not have Lighthouses.
I would like say to all of you are still waiting for your HMD:
Please be patient. I think you will get your headset as well.


Still waiting for mine from 25/03.


So ?? anyone received it? :rofl:


Nope absolutely nothing :frowning: