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[Update Pimax Seoul Meetup] We will bring Pimax 5K+, Pimax 8K, and Pimax BE version to Seoul, so you can try the headsets yourself!
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Were Pimax using a functioning version of their Brainwarp software?


Could you give a link, I need a translation from English …?:roll_eyes:




That’s what I need. Very grateful! :+1:


Began to read, very interesting detailed review.
I got to section 3: “3. Comparison of results,” and I can not see the photos, very small. It is written that you can show in the original resolution.
If not difficult, please give a link to the large size of the comparison photos.

For me they look like this:

Or maybe it is so specially conceived? :roll_eyes:

Yet another 8K vs 5K+ question

That’s wonderful topic.