Pimax Logo Burn-in!


Hi guys, thanks for your discussion.

@denali The proximity sensor of your helmet is normal. The display of BE version is compulsively opened by factory. We have a plan to open it in further firmware of BE version soon.

As for a dimmed 3D or GIF default wallpaper, I will add this request to our bug system, please be advised. :slight_smile:


Hey, I am on the same like LukeB,

The logo should only be displayed if you are wearing the headset.
It has a sensor to turn the display off when the headset is removed.

I use S/N: 100xxxx

cheers, Eike


Just delete this image “pimax_default” from the folder.


I decided to change the pimax symbol for something darker, but in the end I decided to try something less orthodox.



I know I’m very late to this thread, but I had same problem and found this thread. The solution is actually very simple. The black foam which rests against your forehead is a little too low on the Pimax frame and just catches the sensor (above the lenses, in the middle). It is very easy to pull the foam away (as it attaches with velcro) and re-position it a little higher so that the sensor doesn’t see it and thinks you have the 4K on. Mine now works perfectly and it dims completely when not worn, while the logo switches on as my face comes close to the sensor - exactly as the designers intended.