Pimax names now and future


I think that for the retail release, they don’t need to carry on the 5K/8K nomenclature, it could be damaging in the long run.

Maybe rename the models to something more fancy and enigmatic like Pimax Horizon, Pimax Obsidian or Pimax Obelisk, to increase brand sophistication. I don’t know, maybe I went too far with the choices, but it’s the naming concept what’s important to capture the imagination of the consumer. the Rift and Vive branding is a clear example, 5K/8K doesn’t capture anything, it’s not even descriptive accurate.

Also, maybe I would differentiate the models with different colors.


I’m going to call mine the “Pimax Unicorn Express” and no one can stop me. :innocent:

[Personal opinion] The 5K+ is not better than the 8K. The problem is that the 8K is below the expectations and I think Pimax can correct its blurryness by software

That Pimax Unicorn Express surely needs an RGB implementation in the chevron light :smiley:

I want a Pimax Ominous Limited with a breathing red light :stuck_out_tongue:



Now that would make an awesome headset!

May have to try and attempt to create that with my newly acquired Fusion 360 skills, then print it :slight_smile:
How many days would that take to print?!?!?!


They shouldn’t use any numbers like 5K, 8K, etc. this just adds to the confusion. Hadn’t they named the 5k+ with another 5, then people would not complain so much.

Just give them any name. Dosn’t really matter. But stop this numbering…
They could for example change the Led-Colors for every version and call

the 5k -> Pimax Green
the 5k+ -> Pimax Red
the 8k -> Pimax Blue
the 8kx -> Pimax Magenta



Pimax Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (aka 5K)
Pimax Woohoo!!! (aka 5K+)
Pimax Fook Up (aka 8K)
Pimax Hope (aka 8K+)

I don’t know why I’m joking about this, I’ve requested a Pimax Fook Up!

Just joking Pimax peeps. I love you and I believe :slight_smile:

Pimax Hope backer # 53


My understanding is that the LEDs are RGB and will eventually have color and animation control in PiTool. That rules them out for product differentiation, but mean Cylon eye animations should be possible.


Is that true? :smiley: Any source?


I think it was in one of @SweViver’s videos. He mentions that it is supposedly RGB (in the Chevron) but the plastic cover on his unit is tinted blue (so that’d need to be replaced with a white cover).



Source: @Pimax-Support

"10. Can we control the color and brightness of the LED?
Yes, let us know the patterns in your mind. "


The blue tint appears to be transparent enough for other colors to shine through. I think it was V2 which demonstrated this. Regardless, here’s a video of it (posted on the Kickstarter page).


Now… THAT’s next-gen!! :stuck_out_tongue:

hahah just kidding, but it truly makes me smile that they are considering patterns. I’m such a kid


Would also be neat if the light moves with your eyes when eye tracked


Yes, it would. What I’d really like would be something that tracks emotions as well as eye position, like Spaceman Spiff of Calvin and Hobbs. Make it wireless and I could wear it at Halloween parties.

http://calvinandhobbes.wikia.com/wiki/Spaceman_Spiff?file=3-27.gif <— click to see cartoon

I would pay extra for a feature like that! :smiley:


The average color of the rendered sweetspot. So people outside can get an impression of th athmosphere inside vr. @PimaxVR

That would be awesome. And give us an API so devs can Control the Light


That’s pretty cool actually, I want it


Great idea! Imagine seeing the blocks in Beat Saber coming at you (well, as light moving). Reminds me somewhat of K.I.T.T. in Night Rider.


Need that car and a 1970/80’s era Battlestar Galactica cylon outfit.

Imagine the stares as you pulled up at a petrol/gas station and got out :smiley:

Or, even better, a real cylon driving it!
hint, hint, next project @ Pimax :slight_smile:

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