Pimax not replying, Headset not shipped!


I tried contacting Pimax. Opened support supen 1775. Been a week, no replies.
Tried contacting through website, No one is replying.
A few weeks ago asked for my address, which was already written in kickstarter survey, but I gave them again anyway. Then asked for status of shipment, NO ONE replied.
Can anyone from pimax here help?
Fira@pimaxvr.com is not replying as well.
I am backet 5282

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang


Added some pokes to your post. The team was out of the office from feb 2 til Feb 11. Hopefully you have a reply soon.


Me too I want to know my status for order number : P123239

What means Fulfillment Status : Unfullfilled ?


ME 2, I need change model from 5kBE to 5k+ and ask refund the difference (SUPEN-1433). My Order is P122855


You that preordered cant you login to the homepage and change?


The official info on preorder shipments would be useful. The shipments were to begin on January 25, but until today there is no specific info.


Hi @Heliosurge, glad to see you reply. Btw, how do I add that 5k+ words next to my name to show that i am a backer?


You did it by requesting. I update titles. (I update headset type when once says they received)


@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers.