Pimax NY Meetup Impressions 10/25 (Ben)


I posted it in r/Pimax I can post it in r/Vive too if you want me too.


As you have a small IPD, my recommendation that comes to mind is to have thicker face padding, so your nose isn’t pinched as much and your eyes are slightly further away from the screens, which means your nose doesn’t push them apart.


yes please do! (20000)


Already done


Thank you brotha! Saw it


I wouldn’t worry.

It’s extremely unlikely to cause any health or vision issues at all.

And actually many if not all people have a different colour temperature sensitivity in each eye anyway and I wonder if mildyconfused actually just figured out something he didn’t know about his own eyes rather than the Pimax!

I certainly do. My right eye sees things bright red whereas my left sees things more washed out. I find this quite cool sometkmes. But anyway… I’d say it is a trivial matter which is probably preexisting for this user anyway.


Agreed for all I know it could just be me, however I don’t see the phenomenon when looking around in real life.