[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



Pitool Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0

Beta Test Release link:
The Beta Test version of Pitool is temporarily unavailable, we will restore the driver as soon as possible.

Now you could download, but not full function of Brainwarp.


New version features

  1. Adding Brainwarp new features, such as refresh rate switching and Smart Smoothing function.
  2. Modify the VR headset name as Pimax 5K/8K which is shown in steamvr.
  3. Bug fixing:
  • Fix tracking issues in known scenarios.
  • Fix tearing screen issue in games.
  • Fix button related issue for wireless controller (such as Lone echo cannot use grip button)

Any suggestion or feedback, please just let us know, we will keep improving the Pitool function.

Beta Test Release notes:
1.New Added Smart Smoothing function (similar to Oculus “ASW” and SteamVR “Motion Smoothing”)
2.New Added Refresh rate switching function
3.New Added Fixed Foveated Rendering

Function Introduction:
1. Smart Smoothing function:
Taking the refresh rate of headset is 90HZ as an example, when the frame rate of the game is 45 (refresh rate/2) to 89FPS, Smart Smoothing function will be automatically turned on, and the rest of situation will not be turned on.

Known issue:
After Smart Smoothing function comes to be active, some games will show abnormal display, such as dark dynamic scene in light background, the phenomenon of screen tearing maybe will occur.

2. Refresh rate switching function
5K PLUS: 90/72/64HZ.
8K: 80/72/64HZ.
Note:This function is used in conjunction with Smart Smoothing function.

Known issue:
When the headset switches refresh rate , it will occasionally show splinting the screen, and the upper and lower colors are inconsistent (this issue also happen when restarting the computer with a headset connected).

The brightness display effect of different refresh rates is different.

When 5K PLUS headset switch the refresh rate,it will occasionally go to black screen, you could recover by re-plugging the power adapter.

In reliability test cases, any operation has a probability (20%) that the brightness of the screen is inconsistent.

3. Fixed Foveated Rendering(FFR):

When this function is turned on, the visual field of the headset edge will be visualized. At present, according to the range of visualization, it can be divided into three levels, conservative, ballanced, aggressive. (Currently, FFR only supports RTX20xx, GTX10xx will be our next step. So pls don’t try to enable FFR on GTX10xx at this moment.)

Known issues:

  1. When turning on this function, some games maybe could not work on FFR. When this occurs, please try to restart the game or turn on the function again.

  2. Some games show abnormal display after turning on this function, such as blurred inner right eye and blue border on the edge of the game.

  3. After turning on this function and the game starts, the game maybe will suddenly crash, such as Payday 2.

When the above three or more abnormal phenomena occur, please let the us know, feedback us which game you have played, and provide us the log accordingly, thanks for your support to Pimax!


HOLY SHIT! OMG! Its happening guys…the beggining :smiley:


Awesome. Perfect timing my Pimax is supposed to come today! and I have an RTX to test out the FFR


Oh yes well looks like I’m “testing” my games tonight :wink:


Didn’t expected this! Great! I hope to read some feedback about compatibility and performance soon!:smiley:

I’ve got a i7/4790K with a GTX 1080 (non TI) system, so would be great to hear something about this middle range system!


i would like to test but I am waiting still for my Pimax


@yanfeng i believe prior to his i9 2080ti upgrade had a similar system.

@allocen is currently using the i7 4790k with a 2080.


Awesome! I’m home today downloading now…


Do I have to uninstall last version before new version?


I’m not at home to test it, any news whether it fixed the tearing that was introduced in PiTool 0.95? I’m currently using an older version to get rid of it.


Fantastic news !

Can wait to try FO4VR with this.


Whoch headset did you receive?


You might want to try the normal software before testing the beta just to make sure everything is working with your hmd once it arrives and pre congratulations!


This new version sneaked a firmware update on me too…cheeky :slight_smile: seems my anti virus hated this :slight_smile:


do i need to uninstall the other one first?


I did. does no harm, uninstalled it, rebooted installed new one , rebooted :slight_smile: might wanna disable antivirus when you install it, mine wouldn’t let pitool run till I added an exception :slight_smile:


I uninstalled old one and had no problems


Just tried on onward with pitool 2.0 and steam ss on 200% with ffr on and brainwarp
All in game settings maxed out
I hit a constant 45 fps and game ran smooth as silk and looked amazing
Rtx2080ti i7 7700k
Only 30 mins tested but fuck me
Pure wizardry
Well done pimax looking really good already


It says you may experience tearing but i didnt and i really pushed it


This needs to be pimax main testimonial! “ran smooth as silk and looked amazing, only 30mins tested but fuck me… pure wizardry” lol