[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



Ive always run Headsests with 60hz but if you go from these 60hz headsets to PSVR(120HZ) you really feel more immersed, you dont even realize what your missing until you play in a higher frame rate headset. I chalk it up to the higher refresh rate because PSVR surely doesnt have the best resolution.


I have a RTX 2080ti and FFR makes skyrim look like its in 8bit


There are peripheral distortions with FFR (all 3settings) with 5k+ using a RTX 2080.


@PimaxVR @Sean.Huang
The same happens to me with games like assetto corsa, rfactor 2 etc…
I couldn’t find a way to explain it well.

But the closest thing found is what you say.

It’s like an 8bits image trying to relocate and fit constantly on the screen.

Doing a weird blinking effect.


Sorry for the dump question, but where can I download the Beta-version of the PiTool? A link would be appreciated. In the download section I can find only the official version.


Would anyone mind testing Titanic Honor and Glory demo 3 for me? It’s super hard to run and smart smoothing would be perfect for it, I’d love to know if it works well or not.


First post under “popular links”: http://pisetup.pimaxvr.com/PiToolSetup_103_R191.exe


Thank you so much, DrWilken, for your help!:wink:


it’s weird, nobody asks why pitool was temporarily removed …


…and even weirder that it is temporarily removed but available under the popular links section nevertheless… :joy:

I suppose there are too many issues with the version and they want to improve it rather than get lots of Supen‘s to unbrick headsets…


Yeah, I didn’t get around to downloading it and noted it was pulled. I wonder why no one is talking about that, but I may just wait for the non beta full release…if pimax removed it, there must be a fairly big reason.


Finding interesting issues with this version of PiTools

In Il2:
BrainWarp with the smoothing on at 80hz, no artifacts frame tearing when looking at blight light sources.
72 or 64, not the same. This when without smoothing I get upto 50fps with my render settings ingame.

Am finding the headset switches off and needs to have software cycling using Windows / Tab key or power reboot to get the image back. Sometimes the image will only return in one eye. Others I get a light brown image with colour stripes across the screens. Other times the image returns in both eyes.

Not sure why the HMD screens are auto turning off. Windows Power Profile on Ultimate Performance. This is directly plugged into the Laptop, not tried with USB being plugged into a powered USB Hub.

Headset power management is flaky, Rule of thumb, put headset down, exit SteamVR at the minimum. When picking up, check for Pimax Logo display in both eyes and if good, start SteamVR and game.

On the plus side, when everything is working, smoothing and headset - the image and frames are much better than previously and the lens profile is much better. Wonder if that was the HMD firmware update.

Running in game AA 4x and Nvidia enhance AA at 8x for best results. PiTools render at 1 and SteamVR at 40% for Il2


Can someone give me the link to downgrade pitool to .95


And do you downgrade pitool first, or the HMD firmware? Or does it even matter?
And the firmware upload is taking like 10 minutes almost and it’s stuck at 98%.
Is that normal?


same here, Batman Arkham VR and Killing Floor Incursion crashes with critical UE Errors


Banner has pitool downloads. No need to downgrade firmware.


But 1.95 isnt there?


Schroll down to last post has link to light’s all download links


I have a similar system with just a 1080. Some times there is a choppy breakdown that occurs and requires a restart. But i was able to play HellBlade fine. I did not expect that. Creed runs better. Project Elite is buttery smooth. Fallout 4 I bumped up the rendering to 2.0 and it runs great. Skyrim with 50 mods runs smooth. Going to try Project Cars today just to see if it is playable.


Dont you think it is about time some one set up a private Beta Tester group, with say 50-100 beta testers, so stuff can be tested before it is released to the public, I would volunteer for sure :slight_smile:
Or maybe only backers can get access to beta software.