[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



You can turn everything on or off.


As a 1070 user, I can say that the Pitool does not even have the option to enable FFR. Just SmartSmoothing. So, no issue trying to enable it. It can’t be enabled. At least in my case.


Which headset did you receive?


Was testing the pre refresh rate version without ffr options.


That is due to you having a 10series card. Atm only 20series have the ffr option.

Which headset do you have please.

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers.


Yes, I figured as much and, in this case, I am glad since the FFR is causing problems.
I have a 5k+.


150, was part of the second batch just before Christmas


Good for you ! And you love it or not ?


My experience after using it for two days:

Project Cars 2 looks amazing and runs really well!
I set the 8k to 72Hz, Steam general SS 100/Application SS to 50%, ingame all at Ultra(!), Particles low, Grass off, Better mirrors on, ingame SS 1.0, AA at high.
Outputs slightly more than 36fps, so it runs silky smooth - i can not believe it! It looks incredible!
Btw.: image quality on the 8k is waaaayyy better than on my 5k+ (which i will return after Chinese spring festival to exchange it for the new, black dot free panels), really, waaaayyy better, big difference!

I had the FFR always on aggressive and turned on, but i think it does not work. I have to doublecheck that tomorrow. But as far as i recall, the mirrow view looked completely normal.

I tested on Normal FOV and low/normal brightness (does not seem to make a big difference).
But large FOV does still have the blur-bug and looks awful! Do not use it together with PP on!

I did run Assetto Corsa, too, but there unfortunately FFR produced a blue line around the view, clearly visible inside the headset. And the mirror view was really blocky with suprisingly some magenta areas on the outsides. I have to check AC in more detail in the next days.

But certainly in games where PP is a must, there is also the most benefit for FFR, so i am suprised why it kicks in only when PP is set off? I could be wrong though, tested only two games so far…

PC2 never looked so good. I enjoyed it sooo much. Thank you @PimaxVR for that experience! I almost could not exit my motion rig! WOW!!! Really looking foreward to the 8k-X and foweated rendering with eye-tracking!

Btw., i did bite the bullet and invested in two 2080ti (one each per PC) on a 20% Discount day and could so save more that 220€ per card(!). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you for your feedback. Now with smart smoothing I’m quiet optimistic that I can run my sims (Racerrom, AC and iRacing) well…
…and my other beloved game Skyrim, in VR finally, with some eye candy mods…


I’m agreeing that with the smart smoothing, the 8k wins over the 5k now for me. It’s plenty clear when you turn up supersampling, has better sde, better colors and blacks. Now we just need it to work consistently without crashing on half the games I use


Update on Smoothing testing.

Found that to prevent screen artifacts and tearing, it is best to select a mode Hz that is close to double what you were achieving in game. If you select for instance 64Hz but you were getting 50fps in game, you might find artifacts / screen tearing as a result. Or so that has been my experience.

I am now for instance with Smoothing (BrainWarp v!) able to in Il2 run Balanced Graphics, Shadows and Clouds on High, Terrain detail 4x and distance 100km. In PiTools I have smoothing on at 64Hz, render 1 and FOV High. Steam VR set at 40%

This gives me a great combo of visuals, wide FOV and no tearing in game - so far. Before hand with earlier PiTools, I was only able to run Normal FOV and in Il2 Low Graphics preset with all the other settings the same.

Great improvement.

Now to give Assetto Corsa a spin but at SteamVR 100% with all the PiTools settings the same as outlined above for Il2.


Update, as having HMD crashes but found that MS Ultimate Performance Power Plan was cooking my laptop. Temps up into low 90’s

Let it cool down, try again with the fan on full and High Performance Power Plan instead and brought tamps down to the mid 70’s. No crashes of the HMD as a result.

Maybe better to leave Ultimate Performance for when I have a eGPU attached so that temp loads don’t get too extreme.


Do you have an eGPU? What brand and GPU?
What laptop do you have?


The more you buy, the more you save!


Hi Jensen Huang!
thx for dropping by pimax forum!


Don’t have it yet but have a GTX2080 on order and will probably get the Razer Core X eGPU housing.

I have a Gigabyte Aero 15X with 1070 gpu.

It Gets hot.

I still get the odd blank screen happening on the headset with this version of PiTools. Like it is going into power standby mode. Sometimes jusy Alt - Tabbing wakes it up, sometimes I need a power cycle on the headset to get it back. Kinda annoying.

Would be nice to have setting for power saving in PiTools so at the worst, we can turn it off and just use the button on the headset.


Could anyone provide a download-link for the installer? maybe via mega or sth? I’d love to test it.
thx in advance.


PiTool beta:

Pitool & Changelog Download

awesome. thx m8! 220000202020