[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



Thx, I have a Clevo with GTX980. When I’ll get my 8k I’ll see if I need an eGPU or if I can wait for my next upgrade.


I got my 5k+ jan 22 so you can add me too, buddy. :gift:


Awesome congrats! How are you liking it?

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers group. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I love it immensely. That last THING is really finally fixed with the normal 150 horizontal fov. I can’t go back and I don’t want to. I want “the others” to follow. 100ish horizontal fov is just not ok. Pimax has done what had to be done and I praise them for it. Eternally grateful.

I’m thinking of writing a review here on the forum but I need more time to test games properly. Skyrim and Fallout are the only ones I’ve tried so far (about 24 hours the first 5 days lol).


My feedback is it’s really awesome but sometimes it decides to kick out if the framerate is on the border. I would recommend an extra “always on smart smoothing” option checkbox. Similar to how oculus has an always on ASW option in the oculus debug tool.

I’d rather just keep it on all the time as opposed to it automatically turning on and off (because i can tell when it enables and disables)

Sometimes the frames are even above 45 (maybe 55fps) and it’s choppy and decides to just not kick in for whatever reason. Then it will randomly kick in and I can see it smooth again. I have no idea why, so and option to force it on at all times would be a potential solution.


How are you finding the differences between the 5k and 8K after fiddling around with these features? Some folks posted a preference towards a particular headset as a result. I wonder if you share the same views or offer a different slant for some contrast?


@RobCram Still definitely preferring the 5k+. The latency feels lower to me and I feel more presence because of it. You can read this very long forum post for more info 8k vs 5k+ latency (and quick 5k vs 8k impressions

In my personal opinion the SDE is less on the 5k+ tbh. I know that some will try to break this down on paper but I can tell you it just looks like less SDE to my eyes, but they are very close.

I have compared with distance objects like a distant NPC face in skyrim and if I sort of count the pixels it feels about the same (~40 pixels on a test of distant face I do) but I can make out the features of the face better on the 5k+ especially with a little head movement it starts resolving the face more on the 5k+. So I could actually make out the eyebrows and eyes better.

I feel the 8k let’s you see further object like airplanes in simulators better only because there might be some blurring around the pixels more due to the upscaler. Where as with the 5k+ it’s more of a clean image. It’s totally personal preference here though. Some people like the Anti-SDE of the odyssey+ for instance, the “softness” feeling. That’s how I feel about the 8k. I personally prefer crispness.

Edit: I will give full review of new 5k+ model soon. I figure this deserves it own post.


Thanks for the contrasting comments. Perhaps, there isn’t as much uniformity between headsets with differences between the same models? But then again, people have preferences and see things differently.


I cba to read sorry - any update to the stuttering issue with 2080Ti?


Yeah I think it’s both. Obviously Pimax is sending people different HMD’s: there are now 3 types of foam in the wild, 2 types of plastic, 2 types of panels (one with black dots and one without black dots) and who knows what else they’ve been changing among shipments. But then again, people also differ, not just physically (form of face, eye position) but also how we experience things.

This makes it hard to get a good idea of what’s going on and which HMD would be the best for somebody.


Compared again today. I try to explain what i saw:

In the 8k you see a less blocky picture in the distance. When i play Project Cars 2 there is a big difference when i look in the distance (because of the less SDE, the few more pixels or the softness of the scaler. Who knows) so a clear win for the 8k at distance here. And i often look at the distance while driving.
This goes on from lets say from infinity until about 5 meters in front of you when suddenly the sharpness of the 5k+ trumps and you can better make out details on the car, but also still see more aliasing because of that sharpness. So for me a tie here.
Then, if you look at even closer objects like the instruments of the dashboard or the hud (full of numbers) you have a better readability with the 5k. Depends at what depth you position your hud. On the 8k i just move it a little closer and the advantage of the 5k+ is gone. And i do not look at the dash while driving but at the hud if i want info. So a win for the 5k+ here but a tie if i position the hud more close.

And because i hate aliasing and prbably also because i have no 20/20 vision anymore (but i am farsighted, so i see in VR better than in real life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and i am able to overcome the downsides (at least in driving sims) the 8k is a clear winner in that category.


So for me the different opinions originate not from different headset versions (but of course there might be differences, too) but mainly depends on what depth you (need to or want to) give most attention per game.


Supersampling important also. It wouldnt be fair to compare it at 100% on both (the 8k has much higher reported res at 100%) so i always supersample the 5k+ to match. Both at much higher than 100 percent but matching resolution.

I feel some could be making thid mustake whem comparing but not sure.


I compared both with exactly the same SS resolution settings. Same pixels. 3008 X something. 40ish percent.


I have no idea how you guys can drive your resolutions up like crazy. If i need to use PP i simply can not see fps high enough for me to accept. And i have a 2080ti and can accept really low framerates (if steady)

In Assetto Corsa (no need for PP) i can go up to >100% but not much.


And do you like the color more on the 8k?


No difference for me. Honestly.


Did you also tried the 5kBE oled?


Another thing to think about would be comparing the two on a title using deferred renderer. It might look better on the 8k because the softness sort of hides the aliasing if taa is off, and temporall aa just add more blur usually. Forward renderer has msaa and much better for VR. More info here which hold true for other engines https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-us/Engine/Performance/ForwardRenderer

It might be better to compare the two on a forward rendered title actually. So even my skyrim test probably not the best because I believe they moved it to deferred renderer at some point.

When i test VRchat (forward renderer in most worlds) i feel more presence with distant things like mountains etc, because they almost have a slight subtle 3d effect to them at times like in real life if they are close enough and (actual 3d objects not skybox) I dont really get that sensation with the 8k.