[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



Well, would that really make a big difference? I played around with PC2 for many hours and tried different AA modes to compare (post AA against MSAA low/med/high against ingame SS and Steam SS) but best for me is still ingame MSAA medium (already no aliasing visible, low looks messy) and steam application AA around 3000 horizontal pixels per eye, no ingame SS. FXAA looks even more terrible as MSAA low, then even the 8k looks almost as blocky as the 5k+. So i doubt that the type of SS will be beneficial to one or the other headset.

Edit: as long as there IS AA applied.
I can clearly see and advantage for the 8k if NO AA is applied because of the softer image presented…


Depends on your pitool setting…
At pitool 1.0, ss of 40% it’s not enough to get best visual quality, from my own testing 40 to 100% would show improvement and beyond 100% there is not much to be gained.


Yes, i always go with pitools 1.0 and adjust with Steam SS slider.


Oh it has msaa? It must be on forward renderer then. I may buy the game soon to play with it I am thinking. Yes fxaa is the worst for VR I agree.

I would say it probably makes a difference based on the pixel arrangement. I think i will take back what i said maybe though because there are times I feel the aliasing are worse on 8k due to pixel arrangement (with text at least) but there are also times where I also feel the softness makes the image nicer depending on the title (games with a lot of foliage, trees)

Basically though, I have never experienced what you say in any title of something being clearer in the distance on the 8k when I look at it. It seems the only person ive heard say this is sweviver, you
And a couple others.

I closely analyzed it and the only thing I can guess is the upscaler blurring the pixels making a tad easier to see but not necessarily easier to resolve the fine details or clearer. (Like i was saying before) I agree with MRTV’s assessment on that.

Edit: I wanted to mention parallel projection is still bugged on large fov in this beta (creates blur) If pc2 requires pp test this all on normal fov.


I really thing it boils down to what you prefer to see in the distance. Either a easily destiguishable (“sharp”) rectangle of a “car” (5k+) or a shape more resambling a car (the more resolution of the 8k pays off here) but this “washed out” or “blurred”. For me the decision is easy.


yes it’s definitlely personal preference territory. Though the 8k is not getting more input resolution so its not really getting more pixel information. The upscaler is just filling it in.

Thats the thing though, i dont actually see more pixels when I test that face in skyrim on the 8k. I actually see a tad more gaps and less fill factor on the 8k.

Though i do agree that the car may look more rounded like a car just because of the softness and blur bleeding over to other pixels.


Before smart smoothing i played all in small fov. Now in normal. I know about the bug in large fov and did test it and can confirm it.


In your example in skyrim you should see the outlines of a face more clear but the details in the face less clear in the 8k…


Yes the outlines more soft and a sort of free antialiasing effect in a way on the 8k, but can make out the features better of the actual face on 5k+.

To combat this I will usually supersample a little more on 5k+ and use msaa if its a forward renderer title. Or in skyrim I use the command taa hf 0.5 to kick in taa but make it less blurry than default taa setting.


I will need to see what i can change in an .ini of pc2. Sure there are many things to optimize…

Need some sleep now. Have fun in Skyrim :joy::+1:


Sounds good man, have a good night!

Its funny because when I analyze such a small face in skyrim and the pixels it always reminds me of a bruce lee quote: (I think i may have said this before)

“Its like a finger pointing away to the moon. Dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.”

Both of these headsets are amazing in the end haha.


Though I’m sure this mean nothing to most of you… before installing this Beta release my Pimax 8K BE unit in PiTools said my HMD was an 8K. After installing this release… PiTools now recognizes my unit as a 8K BE.


Mr. Braithwaite. It’s Lao’s time.


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Word… :+1:


I run Large / Wide FOV on my 8K with no issues. Just change the setting, and if in doubt, close everything and then restart everything again from PiTools to Steam to SteamVR and then the app you want to check out.


i found that out also, there will be even more black dots on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Does anyone have a working link to the previous pitool version? It seems its unavailable on the website.
I updated mine to this version, but I’m getting too many crashes & problems & having to do too many restarts for me to enjoy a game for more than 10 mins at a time.
I had about 3 hours messing around, to about 15 -20 mins playtime last night.