[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



But it still don´t have SuperSampling.

Only small and normal FOV have.


btw I haven’t added newest version cause it’s not really official yet. Don’t want to add random google drive links.
I’ll add newest beta to my list once Pimax releases it again after fixing whatever they took it down for :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks guys


Somehow for Elite this fxaa is less blury than others AA options existed in this game…


I tested only a little content so far with the 103 release and haven’t encountered any unpleasantries, except in “Onward” the edge distortion seems very disturbing. I’m not a passionated Onward player and haven’t compared it that closely, but it looks like meshes not being rendered at the edges of the fov. I’m playing at normal fov, pitool 1.0, ss 80ish and smart smoothing, refresh at 90Hz on a 1080ti
It’s not a beautiful thing to look at and i’ve never even seen the edge distortion in that way. Like some blue and silver polygon kinda salad happening at the outer rim of the fov.
sounds familiar to any of you?


Has anyone else noticed that this update breaks the high brightness setting in PITOOL and even on rollback it is not fixed ?


Tested 103 BW. Not bad. I did find though in Vector 36 a strange shadow before you get in tge skimmer. If you really spin the skimmer the cockpit glass frame warps out of position though. But overall a nice start.


Which headset did you receive?

As for pitool the beta introduced firmware 191 you might need to manially reinstall 181


For those interested I did some testing with my old 1070 last night. I very briefly played some Beat Saber and Onward, I hope to get some more testing in at some different SS values later and test a few more games.

i7 6700k modest OC of 4.6
Asus 1070 Dual no OC

PiTool: 1.0
SteamVR: 70%
FOV: Normal

Onward actually ran great, much better than I thought it would Stayed at a stable 45 FPS after loading in a map and giving it a few seconds for the GPU to settle down lol. Didn’t experience any drops or anything like that.

Beat Saber was a bit of a different story. I think because of the Brainwarp it throws the timing off just a little bit, I noticed that with each cut, I was getting less points than I normally do(probably because it isn’t registering exactly in time anymore). Also because it take time before the GPU timeframe settles down and is consistent the first few “notes” are extremely difficult to hit.

I think with some more playing around, basic games will be quite doable on the 1070. Great job Pimax!


Also another thing that I noticed after updating to the new version of PiTools. When I load up SteamVR I was in the air about 10 feet away from my playspace. It was still tracking the controllers and everything properly, but the camera was way off.

I could literally look down into my playspace and see the controllers moving. I tried redoing both the PiTools and SteamVR room setup and deleting the lighthouse folder for PiTools with the same result. I ended up having to re-calibrate the floor and manually offset the playspace using Advanced Settings to get it to look properly.


You have to delete the lighthouse folders (not the main config, unless you want to redo the room setup part) as shown here:

Then after doing so, kill piserver.exe. After you’ve done that just wait for at least one of the folders you deleted to reappear, and it should be working at that point.


Awesome thanks. i will give it a shot when I get home tonight. Is this still in the %username%/AppData/Pimax folder?


Yep, that’s correct.


Okay thats interesting with the timing observation while beatsabering. I feared it could do sth like that to rhythm-sync games like “Beat saber” and “Thumber”, I had the same problem on the Vive with Thumper then. And now testing “Thumper” with the 5k+ and the 103 beta driver, i experience it again on the Pimax with smoothing on. It isn’t anymore in sync between Rhythm and frames. It’s just a tiny bit off and thats VERY bad in Thumper. No chance at all hitting those triggers.


…But do you see any difference in edge distortion in Onward with 103 beta? for me its terrible.


I will have to take a closer look later. It did seem to me like distortions were worse overall, not just Onward. But I really was trying to get things done as quickly as possible as I had to run out the door. I should have some more time tonight to take a closer look at it.


Tested today FalloutVR.

FFR is NOT working. Introduces extreme judder and 10ish fps…

MotionSmoohing does work quite well.

If you turn off FFR it can happen that you will still see some blue edges around your FOV. If that happens, just restart PC.

It happened to me today that after switching to another Hz-mode of the hmd the headset screens remained gray and pitools showed it as not tracked (no matter if i swing the hmd in front of the lighthouses or rebooted hmd from within pitools or i powered the headset off and on). I realized that it helps if the MotionControllers are off and pitools is NOT automaticly started when windows starts.

If i have the vive wands off and start pitools manually, then after a Hz change and a reboot everything works fine. Strange…

BTW: Every Subnautica player should watch this video:
How to get rid of pop-in and stutter in subnautica VR

And install some mods from:
Nexusmods - some are essential in VR


Apparently there is only one kind of panel in the 5K+. The issue is that there is a decent amount of accepted variance in the panels.


Elite: Dangerous player here, just checking in [mostly for other ED players] and giving the thread a bump. I just tested Brainwarp for about an hour - it works well in ED. I’m very happy with it, especially given it’s in beta. Well done, Pimax


That is awesome news! I really prefer the “ultra” graphics settings in ED and it sounds like they might be viable with my 8K.