[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



Thanks for that! The download link at the top seems to be down at the moment?


@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers.

Yes the main link is down. A fellow user posted a google drive link. I was in process by my phone connection was 2 slow (@Sean.Huang) asked me if I could in pm.

I think I added a link in pitool downloads to his post.


I’ve downloaded the link Mighty Dodger gave and it’s now installing, thanks


I remember, I could run my old Samsung Syncmaster CRT @160Hz (at rather low res 800x600 though), but I figured that 120-140Hz was the sweetspot for online UT play. There was definitely an observable difference in the game responsiveness and smoothness between different refresh rates.

I have not had yet an opportunity to test high refresh LCD to confirm the same observation on the LCD technology, but the CRT did not need overdrive or “anti-ghosting” features, it just run at those high refresh rates exactly the same way.


Yeah I think I had one of those huge 24" syncmasters as well, 120hz @ 1024x768 / locked 240fps glquake.exe

If mem serves.
Might have been 21" though


I thought it was always on. When < half the frame rate of desired Hz selected, and flying, I still get a smooth experience pulling high maneuvers or barrel rolls. I just thought it was a case of when > half the Hz selected, there was an issue with frame balancing with the interjected frames that was leading to warping in the image.

Personally I still think the original idea of BrainWarp is the better where we end up with Asynchronous Projection, one eye then the other. Who knows.

I will be pushing my HMD through a better GPU after the weekend so, a new round of testing will begin. :joy:



I may as well then turn smoothing off as it seems that most of the time it isn’t working, by the info given here and when it is supposedly working it looks like crap.

I thought it was just a case of frame doubling in this version. As long as my frames are above 30 (at the moment on laptop) then I am happy. It is flyable and I can shoot stuff down.


A little bit of feedback. First, I love using 72Hz for DiRT Rally! I can now add some extra graphics to the game.

Second. I’d like an option for what we see when we change the Volume, or just change it back to how it was. This new update introduced a “feature” where a black border surrounds the Volume box, creating a really narrow FOV where the box is. It’s pretty disorienting when that happens, and it’s tough to do something like keep a car on the road since it’s hard to see anything.


With brainwarp has anyone tried large fov? Is it playable now performance wise?


I don’t know what it was like in earlier pitool versions. But there is definitely an upper limit in the SS. In Contractors, IL2-Bos, Elite-Dangerous, at a certain SS value (whether I increase pirender or steamSS is the same) the image quality doesn’t change anymore, and the performance doesn’t go any lower either.

In the large FOV this limit is just lower, so more people noticed it, I think.


Given up on BrainWarp in this iteration. Seems to downgrade the image which is very noticable in Il2 and Assetto Corsa. The difference is quite stark and then it causes tearing of the image in certain instances - Not for me.

I check out the next version when it is available. Stil keeping kurrent Beta PiTool but just unticking Smoothing.


Is Pimax even listening to the feedback at all?


I guess and hope so at least… after the new year festival…


I ask because they never replied about the ripple effect on 95


During the holiday? We know @PimaxUSA has popped in. So others migjt be monitoring. But I suspect they are enjoying a much needed break to become refreshed.


Offcourse they are listening. At least we’re the beta testers after all. Imagine they would have to pay all of those thousands of hardware and software testers from europe, usa and asia.
Thats what crowdfunding is all about isn’t it? a little financing, a little influencing and a little testing.
We’re the humming hive.



That´s the price we pay (not only in currency, but in time and frustration) to live in the ultimate bleeding edge.


The ripple effect was mentioned aged ago pal!


We do indeed. They go through our internal and sources like backers here literally almost every day to monitor for issues.