[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



And with each new version an issue ir 2 gets addressed.


I don’t mean to be ‘that guy’ but I disagree. I am stuck on vers 91 of your software. Lots of other people are. There’s a thread also and no one from Pimax has even acknowledged the issue. Not the beat causes massive stuttering for me. And others. And again no acknowledgement.

If you think I’m wrong and I’ve missed posts LMK. Happy to be proven wrong. But currently I feel like you’re not listening.


I 110% disagree with this statement


Keep an eye out for a new version on or around Feb. 18th. I’m trying to relay good information for you, I hope you realize I’m trying to help.


Just don’t be annoyed if it later than the 18th… This is the way with software - you usually find a big bug at the point you are about to release (or immediately afterwards)


Again, I don’t mean to be a tool sorry. I love this device. But I feel unsupported; forgotten in the masses of users here; and frustrated to be sat without brightness control or the other stuff


It would be great if there was a bug list somewhere so we can see if something has been reported/acknowledges/fixed


It’s a rather hard deadline in this case due to some partner things. I think odds are high.


I figured you would. As the only version released after 95 is a labeled beta. Yes they are reading & listening. Sometimes words are not needed when collecting data to create actionable items.

The m2 for example spoke for itself when revealed as testers didn’t think the berlin meetup was a good idea due to what they saw in the m1. Look at the result. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


For flight sims the current Smart Smoothing is not usable. The warping/tearing/stuttering (even when showing active Smart Smoothing in PiTool) when rolling the aircraft and looking to the sides is too much to tolerate it, no matter which screen refresh rate you are running. Also the warping effects when you have a propeller turning in your sight are unbearable.
I hope Pimax can optimise their Smart Smoothing even for us, who love flight sims.


I heard on the DCS forums, that Eagle Dynamics is working with Pimax but don’t know for sure. Would be nice if they were supporting each other. Thats the reason I preorderd the Pimax was to use in DCS.


I have to praise brainwarp a little bit. It is in elite after my rough memory somewhat better than ASW of oculus and in il2-bos about the same with asw. Already with asw I had lots of “wobbling” in the propeller and visor.


kevin hears all prayers


Same with iracing, smart smoothing takes away the sense of speed. Creates jitter in passing objects and just isn’t smooth. I find it better to run with lower graphical settings and hold 90fps at all times. If I ever get to a point where I can no longer hold 90fps, I’ll drop to the 72fps setting. It’s pretty darn good and I really can’t tell a difference.


Yep, 90fps would be the best solution for the stuttering problem. But that is impossible for DCS.
I had high hopes for the 64Hz-mode. But screen flickering and stuttering/warping makes it impossible to use for DCS and IL2.


Which headset did you receive?


5k+ sir 202020202020


Thanks Title updated!

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers.


Here is a link to pitool 103R191 in my google drive


The Pitool is temporarily unavailable?
Received pimax 5k +

Totally unrelated: how can I quickly recenter the headset direction? Every time I start the Pimax again, it moves a few degrees to the right.