[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



In game controls or right click pitool icon & choose recenter.


Can you expound? You mean Pitool Icon on the desktop Pitool software somewhere, thx!


Pitool Tray Icon in windows Taskbar. Right click & you will see recenter hmd option. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Your a gentleman, scholar and a plethora of info :beers: :grin:


As linked, fpsVR, and just plain old CTRL-F


Thank you so much!
What do you mean by ‘in game controls’? The in-game settings of the particular app?


I think @Heliosurge meant that. Sometimes its F4 or some other keystroke. In the steam overlay there is also an option. in Thumper you have to check/uncheck “autorecenter”. That works for me. Do you have lighthouses now?


In order to run a 3DMARK RTX benchmark, upgrading to Windows 1809 (October 2018 Update) was needed. I wondered if it wasn’t also a requisite for RTX features like Fixed Foveating Rendering.


Just an FYI the next PiTool upgrade will probably be mandatory for those who have Nvidia video cards if you upgrade your video driver. The new driver will almost certainly require the latest version of PiTool and that we deprecate previous versions. We will provide more detail after the team returns Feb. 11th. Just wanted some awareness to keep an eye out for the next release.


Sounds like an example of nVidia and Pimax working closely together!

PS @PimaxUSA do you never sleep


I believe Windows 1809 introduced the DirectX Raytracing API which is probably why it was needed so it could be the case. I would have though FFR was more of a nVidia driver thing though so you should ensure you are only the latest driver (bearing in mind what @PimaxUSA has just added)


Awesome tips!!
Lighthouses and controllers are supposed to arrive this week :slight_smile:


intermoresting. look forward to details


Wow Thanks, it looks pretty good. Think i keep those settings :wink:
Despite having 40-50 fps shown in FPSvr, Fallout 4 is buttersmooth with the motion smoothing too.


Can you tell us why?
It would be great to have a real changelog for PiTool and Firmware releases.


I agree with you that a genuine changelog would be a great thing and that we should absolutely implement much better vision into what was changed and why. A known issue log is another thing that I think helps customers avoid existing issues and save time.

FYI the team did make our first decent stab at that with the brainwarp post on new version 103 that had a changelog and known issue list (7 days ago, the first message in this thread). Of course we can and should do better.

On the reasoning behind the next version is it will sync with a new driver release. Partners don’t want to support a long trail of previous releases among other requirements.


Some games have a Recenter hmd binding.


If the Team starts using the Pitool Download topic. They could as presented simply ammend a changelog post as new versions released.


Perhaps to make eye tracking and foveated rendering compatible… Eye tracking module around the corner?
I hope the stations and the controllers arrive sooner.


Well… still playing around with the 103 beta, and i don’t know, but i can’t help feeling overwhelmed by the possibilities it delivers already.
I started modding Fallout 4 VR the way i modded my flat fallout 4. Tested different high resoution texure packs (including the DLC packs) and atm i ended up using the wonderful repacks and the integration method BiRaitBec provides in his modding guide Fallout 4 Modlist by BiRaitBec.
It works flawlessly, looks beautiful, even with less shimmer and blur than the original UltraHighResloution Packs (cheers and thanks to @cazman321 who provided me with ingenious .ini tweaks), and the best thing about it all: I can crank up the PiTool and still have buttersmooth ingame experience apparently due to the smart smoothing. FPSVR showing 40-50 fps but a gpu frametime of 30 and it feels like 80 fps.
My PiTool is at 1.5, SS General@80% and SS App@100% and it looks just great with the Texture Repacks.
Now i will keep modding the thing and try things out, but i’m so happy, because finally Fallout 4 VR is starting to look pretty for me.