[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



Perhaps not Fallout 4, but I’m looking forward to play Skyrim VR with high Resolution and other mods (I guess I mentioned this 1 or 5 times here…).:smiley:
Your post give me high hopes!


Skyrim VR modded should actually be equally doable, since there is an even greater experience pool with modding the SE version. The Script Extender mods maybe won’t work, but with textures you can do a lot and many other mods should work just fine. I don’t own Skyrim VR and haven’t modded it myself, but my SE version is pretty much 2019 modded and i think lots of it can be used in VR. Have you tried this Guide?



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Ubuntu 18.04 as the base system, Windows 10 VM running off a ZFS array.


I know pimax has implemented fixed foveated rendering on RTX cards. Pimax needs to ask Nvidia if RT cores can likewise be used for sub-pixel rendering, maybe as a variation of DLSS?
@LoneTech and others suggested this as a fix for some of the blur in the 8K.


I have to use PiTool v1.0.1.91 because in the v1.0.1.95 I had “pouring water” effect when turning my head. For some reason v91 fixed this to me (after it had been recommended here on the forum). I am not the only one who suffered this considering the amount of posts on the subject.

In the new beta “release notes” I have not noticed any info about this problem. Can you reproduce it and can you fix it? This would be otherwise basically a deal breaker for me to update to the new version.


The new version doesnt have that water effect for me,i had that on 1.95 too…


That’s awesome! You have some pretty cool results.


That’s awesome! You have some pretty cool results.


Many have posted the same thing. They are not listening. They say they are but they’re not. HMD is almost useless with 95 and 103 BW


Nah there just not fixing things at your prefered speed. Maybe the 18th we will see some bigger changes.

I myself & others seem to be having some decent results in 103r191. Sure still needs more polish but even seb seems to like some if the progress.

I had to wait for Amd to fix there gpu driver falling back to a previous one for several months to fix a blank screen issue in the p4k on the r9 390.


Just as a counterpoint 95 has been fine for me. I haven’t experienced any of the anomalies that have been reported by others when using it. I haven’t tried 103 yet. Like most computer based bug hunts it takes time to fix issues that aren’t being experienced by everyone.


I mean this with the greatest of respect, but I stopped reading your posts a while back. You shill quite hard in most threads you comment in. In most threads of people having issues you post “Congrats on receiving your headset”… as they literally have a nonfunctioning bricked headset lol

There are problems. And I am yet to see ANY response let alone a fix. I respect your reply but disagree 110%


I think your exaggerating. But to be expected. As I don’t congratulate folks on receiving dead headsets.

Like I said your just not happy with the speed there fixing issues you want fixed now. As @acegamer posted not all are affected by the pouring water effect. There ia a lot to get working & fixed in the driver structure. Maybe the release sometime around or after the 18th will make you happy.

Until then be happy with 91 until there is a release you approve of.


I’m just frustrated. Forgive me for getting personal. Hopefully you’re right and it gets an update. My fear is they’re focussed on 103BETA


Right now they are focused on partying it up :sunglasses:. Chinese New Years :tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree::fireworks:


Well, it’s trying. I have a 2080ti and it doesn’t work properly in any games I use. Hopefully this will improve after Pimax holidays.


How did that work out for you?


Are there multiple versions of 103? I got a version from a Google drive post (not yours) and I am curious if it’s the latest because at some point you mentioned what sounded like a newer version (“103b” or EDIT(“103r191)” or something like that).


No both are the same. 103 is the pitool 191 i believe is referencing the firmware.

If i posted 161 than that was a typo. I just said beta as that’s what sean posted it as.