[Pimax Official] Beta Test Release for Brainwarp 1.0



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Please help list the issue games, we will review it.
tks for your support.


tks for your detailed review, we will check the issue about Assetto Corsa.



Received, we will check this issue about 8bits image.

tks for your feedback.


Thanks for your interest!

I only play IL2 BoX and DCS flightsims.
In both I have those problems:

  1. flickering of screens
  • in normal mode (90/45Hz) Smart Smoothing activated there is no flickering
  • in 72/36Hz- mode there is moderate flickering that can be seen on bright scenes (winter landscape or sky)
  • in 64/32Hz- mode there is pronounced screen flickering that can`t be ignored, unplayable for me
  1. Tearing/warping of objects
    the same problem as with ASW of Oculus. When you have a turning propeller in your sight and a visor, that visor shows have warping and sometimes it is impossible to aim at targets in front of you, because those objects in the visor are heavily torn. Problem is for all three Hz-modes and Smart Smoothing activated.
  2. Warping/stuttering/blurred picture of landscape when rolling the aircraft (stick left/right) and looking to the sides. Landscape gets blurry when performing a roll-maneuver. This is applicable for all three modes, but it is getting worse in 72/36Hz and 64/32Hz mode. There is stuttering when Smart Smoothing is active according to PiTool, but worse when Smart Smoothing is de-activated because of too low frames (which is normal). But I repeat: problem exists also when Smart Smoothing is active in all three modes.


Sean @cfukpixie reports rendering issues in Prepar3d 4.3 i believe. (You might have noticed topic.


Why is reprojection kicking in when I have smart smoothing disabled? I liked it better when it would dip to 75fps instead of 45


For Il2 I ended up turning smart smoothing off.

Warping of image on bright scenes and then there is the render issue which degrades image quality very much that I would prefer to play with my mediocre frame rates than have smoother play.

Anyway I just have to wait for my eGPU housing to arrive and things should improve dramatically.


My opinion about new Pitool:

  1. Motion Smoothing is working WRONG. In beat Saber if you fast turning and see your sabers, they blurry/double vision. In my Vive and Odyssey+ they just sharp like 90 Hz.
    I make 240 fps video and i see that motion correction in interpolated
    frames just has too big shift.
  2. Oculus Games not working correct: Robo recall dont start, in other games not working grip buttons (in past PiTool is working good and i like Robo recall).


Did you get your headset working after all the instability?


No, its still working with rebooting.


Try installing steamvr v1.13 recently posted in the forum as recent steam changes are also affecting revive in terms of oculus games.


No, i’m not about Revive and about native support Oculus Games, it’s working good in past Pitool.
Native support of Oculus games is very strong advantage Pimax HMD for me.


I don’t think it’s native Oculus. Installing the early version of steam it was indicated that the Oculus games launched by pitool worked better.


I dont understand you. If you run oculus games in Pitool, then steamvr dont start. You can delete steamvr at all.


I was trying the beta with multiple games. In every one of them there was some stuttering, jerkiness, and the same time the fps was dropping below half fps. I was trying to find the cause for it and stumbled upon the following. When I set the cpu affinity for the pi_server process to the last physical cpu core and it’s logical pair, it completely eliminates the stuttering/jerkiness, and the fps stabilizes at the half fps.

stuttering fix?


I am not running oculus I am going by a post someone posted. So are you saying you don’t have steam installed?

Without steam installed can you run steamvr tracking? (Don’t have LHes yet)


Awesome which headset do you have?


Without running steam, yes, you can use the lighthouse tracking. The pitool uses them to emulate Oculus sensors, HMD, and controllers. But, as VTS was saying, it’s pretty much broken in the latest pitool