[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



I guess he is just kidding


They are coming :joy::joy::joy:


8K? sorry but kickstarter backers waiting for their 8K for long time,we will send preorder 8K after kickstarter shipment settle down.

Preorder 5K Plus has already start shipping


你好, [Dallas.Hao],国内的8K开始发货没有!3月8日之前是否按承诺都发货完毕!


Preorder 5k+ shipping yet still some backers like me await the 5k+


4th Feb 2019 Update <- This is like a typo. Not Feb. It’s March.


No mistake as thing go backwards i went from shipped to warehouse to building last time lol


Shocking news!
The P8 Roadmap has a noticeable diagonal SDE!





Don’t worry. It’s just a troll


Hi, I’m not a troll. I did order (and have paid for) a 8k , and yesterday received an email from Pimax with a fedex tracking number.

Full disclosure though - shortly after placing the preorder (mid Jan) I did ask to change my 8k preorder to the 5k+. I did receive email confirmation that this was ok, however Pimax never refunded me the cost difference, and have not replied to several emails requesting they do so. As such I assumed they were proceeding with fulfilment of the 8k order, but there’s a chance it’s actually a 5k (my order history still shows 8k however).


i would think they would send you the 8K.

i asked them to resend my order number cos i lost it, and never even got a reply…

seems like they are very busy to even answer customer emails


So, the troll is Pimax, as always:


yeah they have trolled me and asked for my address numerous times confirmed it was right via email then weeks later tell me i need to do it again as thats whats holding mine up I HOPE SOMEBODY WILL WRITE A FILM ABOUT THEM i could do with a good laugh it would be like the old carry on films lol


I emailed Pimax about this, and have had it confirmed that is is actually a 5k+ on its way to me, and not a 8k as the shipping email stated. (refund to be processed after pre-orders completed).

…sorry to cause any friction amongst waiting 8k (or 5k+) backers…!


So, lemme guess… Pimax told to you, that they have ship your preorder and at the same time said here, that you are just kidding and they never ship preorders before backers? Right?



hahahaha,You are so funny(I use this picture because of this background detail,and you got my point )


As we said before change your choice,we will refund all the difference together.Don’t worry,we have your changing record


NO no no no no

Come on ,try to send to me.send me your email and name in your order you will got a surprise


You mean @greenmynci ? He received his 5K plus tracking number.The 8K shipment restarted yesterday


backer 6248 and still waiting my 5k+ Dallas can you get this moving for me please
Also my 4K BE and 8k plus it cost £20 GBP TO RETURN THE 4K THAT WAS UNDER WARRANTY can you repay the cost please