[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



Does the warehouse in the UK have enough 5K+ to send the goggles to early preorders? (P122X)?


Depends on what statement you read and believe from pimax i think but somebody else may be able to answer better


It is March the 5th here and Backer 678X still has no Tracking No, UPS has no scheduled deliveries, And FedEx has none either. I thought ALL backers would receive tracking no’s on the 28th of FEB. If it has reached shipping status, then can someone at Pimax send me a notification of the location or shipping status of my HMD. Many preorders are being received and this backer has not received any notification of shipping other than the spreadsheet. Please help and advise @Dallas.Hao @PimaxUSA


According to the new procedure at the top of this thread, the very first 8k’s from the new panel shipment were supposed to leave for the shipping warehouse on the 5th and then more in the following days as they were produced. See the graphic at the top of the thread.


Yes, I can see. But I switched to 5K+ like many others. Still waiting.


Ahh, sorry, my mistake. I should have asked which model first. :slight_smile:


We can see a shipment of 80 units on the 4th and 80 the day after. Let’s asume they’re producing 80/day and shipping at the same rate.


I switched to 5K+ like many others. Still waiting.


Yup. I’ve read all the posts… yours and the rest. Sad story. And pre-orders have constantly been recieving their units for a month.

RMAs being tough at this particular point in time is understandable, but the rest just isn’t.


And still no official build time for 5K BE. All I’m getting is check the last spread sheet, your 5K BE is being built… like we haven’t heard that one before.
If they are actually on the tables being built… just say so, if they’re not, tell those of us who are waiting for their 5K BE when they will start production.



Everything going smooth?


I’m an 8k backer #29xx and sent an email to change my address but I don’t know if it was recieved / acknowledged. I’m in Australia.


It seems like everyone is getting their HMD.
So. The conversation here in Thread is dwindling


Or everybody got tired of getting tired of pimaxs silence and left.


It sure is quiet. But I’m patiently waiting. The lack of info is however worrying as usual.


I submitted a support ticket to change my address as well. I got a response saying “No!” and then the ticket was promptly closed. I’m 8KX backer 2xxx.

@PimaxUSA @Matthew.Xu @Dallas.Hao - can us 8Kers please get an update on when we can get our stuff?


Wow… But did you get your loaner 8K/5K+? Atleast then you’re not in a rush to get that address changed atm. Things should stabilise before the 8KX is ready


Another Day and still no original backer 5K+ Pi. No tracking no. No scheduled deliveries from UPS or FedEx. Maybe they can send me a loaner till mine arrives. How about it @Pimax-Support


The Florida office now has a limited supply of devices and one is marked for you. Fun but irrelevant fact - you live in my home town. :slight_smile:


Whaaaa? I do? Oh, but u are in Florida now? Well bless you my man. Margaritas will be waiting at La Fogata.