[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



No loaner yet. Still waiting.


The spreadsheet update.

3. The team will update you much more regularly on the latest progress and we are highly confident we will be get all remaining 8K backers headsets shipped before March 8th, 2019.



Yes, the warehouse is on the moon. So it takes a long time. I’m kidding.^^


I am order: P123239
Took pre order on january 18th and it was stated to be sent on january 29th.
after 2 months, still zero clue about the status…
I doubt they sold 120k headset, so what’s going on ? will we have to wait for years just to have an update ?


A hope you are kidding, we all now it’s on mars in fact, Moon would be to close for the actual delays


Yes i Pre-ordered as soon as it was available on the website. They pormised to ship pre-orders almost 2 months ago. Still no update. I will be calling my credit card company and opening a case if i dont get it this week.


Send a mail to preorder@pimaxvr.com and ask a refund. They will answer you under a week.
Personally I asked a refund weeks ago and confirmed them a second time, and no update.


I dont want to waste my time communicating with them and waiting weeks for them to reply. im done with that. I am going straight to the credit card company now. giving it the end of this week to arrive. if it doesnt, will initiate a chargeback,


It seems they jumped from around P2000 (or less) to what seems to be P120000 early on in the pre-order phase (October '18).


Sorry- but the pre-order people have zero right to complain here. There are pre-order people who received their headsets before KICKSTARTER backers. That is insane.



Do you think that works? If so, I do that too. I’ve been looking forward to the headset for so long, but now I do not want it anymore and would rather invest my money in another headset and have nothing to do with Pimax anymore! It would be nice if all 8K backers would now turn their backs on Pimax. Such a lousy company I have not experienced … Always just promises that are not kept and no information …


I backed on Nov.3 2017, So 16 months waiting. And still waiting. Preorders? Be patient and wait it out. As stated before, there would be no preorders if not for us backers.


How long should we wait? Backers are kinds stuck since the can’t charge back but Preorders can. What is a acceptable amount of time to wait? I’ve send a email for a week and no response. I’m about to call AMEX and tell them this was a fraudulent order since no shipment for months and Feb 27th ship date given is long pass with no word. If Pimax gets too many charge backs, the CC companies will drop them from their service. Im sure Pimax don’t want that.


Good please do the more of you that do the quicker pimax will fix it self.


Continuing to renege on promises can undermine Pimax’s consumer confidence. It is not good for the future of Pimax either. With regard to shipment, Pimax must find a groundbreaking way.


It’s not because there is others waiting longer than me that i can’t complain. It’s just even more unfair for them.
My refund is in process, i may buy it again if someday they keep the delay they put themselves


Are you a Pre-order? I’m glad you can get a refund. Kickstarter waits almost two years, but that’s not the luck. Just wait!!!


Yes i took pre order on january 18th, told it before on this thread


@Dallas.Hao The third item you mentioned is that you will complete Shipping by March 8. Does completing Shipping mean sending all of them to overseas warehouse? Then it’s not a lie. Will this question not be answered?


Just got a response today from Pimax. Looks like a generic response.

“Dear Customer,
Hello, our current 8k production speed is a bit slow, and the domestic arrival of overseas warehouses takes some time, so it delays your delivery time, we feel very sorry, for this we will send you a small later Gifts as compensation, we are working hard to optimize production speed and logistics time, all pre-sale 5K+ goods will be sent out at the end of March, and then send the logistics tracking number to you, thank you for your patience and support.”

Guess I’ll wait until the end of March but seriously running out of patience. I want a 5K+ so I’ll forgive them for a bit but not if it goes into April. Seriously, how hard is it to get tracking number from a freight forwarder, I buy stuff from China all the time for quad copters and I get tracking number from foreign shippers and its the same number the big USA three shippers use too when it gets into the country.