[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



A small later gift. Oh great can’t wait to get some extra facepads.


Just order it on Ali: different thickness


Any word on mine Kevin @PimaxUSA P1184 ordered on October 27 Washington state.:grin:


FYI that was a joke because pimaxs “gift” will most likely be useless. IE extra facepads.


had the same when i asked a refund.

Had to say i would call my bank for fraud if they don’t speed my refund.

Got an answer in less than an hour stating my refund would be good in 4-5 working days.


Just tell us a new estimate instead of keeping silent please


Still telling pre order folks that their 8K will ship the 20th? (The Actions and Plans on Pimax after-sale services) Really? Anyone who’s been here the last year knows better.

Why not give us a new estimate based on the production rate of the last week? It looks like about 60-80/day but there’s no way to even know if that’s 5K+ or 8K.

Silence is never good. It always means the estimate didn’t hold, so please make a new one.


your right all people are asking for is realistic date of their headsets
I still await my 5K+ and 8k and ask pimax politely please contact kickstarters with actual news of when they will get their headsets


Or just tell us whatever the problem is. No screens? -OK then, now we know why we’re waiting. Something else? -OK then, now we know why we’re waiting.


There is two possibility, either they hired nobody to manage the comunication team if there is one, second, the team comunication manager faked his resume, any backer would be more efficient. No right mind would let hundreds if not soon thousand of people in the dark.

EDIT : a new guy is taking in charge the whole pre-sale system here : :slight_smile:The Actions and Plans on Pimax after-sale services

Lets give them a few days to get a clearview on things, and continue to update your cases to see how it evolve :slight_smile:

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