[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



Haha I’m with you on that, I would think a business would have HIGHER standards – but I also know that there are some industries that will pay for the privilege of being early adopters, even if that means needing more support in the long run. But those are typically negotiated deals business to business, not bought off an intermediary.


Hey, c’mon bro!
I was banned for toxity, I’m not silent, but Elite. :slight_smile:


This is getting closer and closer to the Brexit … I didn’t think we’d get affected so soon :confused:


I’ll happily wait as long as we get info. No rush… QA ftw


Yup. That’s why I believe Korean story more than our dear friends who keep nagging about it


Maybe putting the European warehouse in a country that’s leaving the union wasn’t such a great idea after all… who would’ve thunk it? ;p


I don’t know why you make brexit such a big deal, even if a deal is signed, it will take months to be implemented.


Don’t you think import taxes will be the first thing to be implemented? Someone from Norway had like $400 import taxes …


No it won’t. But they’ll be confused and lost for a few months… deliveries will be affected, it’ll be hell. Countries outside of the UK will be quick at the opportunity to charge taxes. Belive it


Thank you for the update. Glad to see things are proceeding. Please ship the first ones to those who have cried the most and take your time with the QA for the rest of us.


Not a single day as buffer. Nothing can go wrong or else this timeline is useless. Don’t worry we got this.
Do you think they’ve actually learnt anything yet?
I recall something about Dec 2017. Yes, I’m sure nothing can go wrong. You’ve already delivered in large numbers…12 months later. Why would you need a day to spare?
It’s just roll on the floor comedy now.


They’ll do their best and we will keep our fingers crossed. Not much else to do. I’m optimistic despite everything… I’m always optimistic before I get let down.


All I have to say at this point is that the 8k headsets better be flawless when received by the backers.


Well their best in giving you a realistic timeframe, after everything we’ve been through, was to not allow a single day as buffer.
I’m gonna need clean pants.


What would it change to plan a buffer? We all understand there will be delays if any step takes more time than expected.
I don’t think any of us care about accurate dates anymore, we just want to be informed of the progress.


True, no one takes Pimax at all seriously when they give a timeframe.
It’s the point that even now when they develop a timeframe they still don’t see a reason to place any buffer in that timeframe.
The difference would have been I would’ve missed out on a great laugh this morning if they did it like any sane person.


Why do so many backers have tracking numbers that don’t work? Have they not been added to FedEx’s system yet or what?


Hmmm… as far as the 8K status goes, I didn’t see a year in the OP’s post or graphic


No packages have been given to Fedex. They can’t deliver them until someone gives the packages to them.


@Dallas.Hao why does canada shipping take so long? US pre orders are being delivered so fast. Why is canada taking so long?