[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



All preorder ships today. You should get a tracking number.


I got tracking on the 19th though, how do they not have it yet? How do Pimax have a tracking number to begin with if that’s the case?


We hope the delivery date will not change any more.


Wait more time for better quality still be great if you don’t want to claim headset for a lot of time.


Hello Pre order 108X october 27 2018 ( france) and nothing. I don’t know if the 5k+ was sent. Nobody has been answering messages for several weeks. Sry for my english


Any news is good news. Thank you for letting us know your plan.


@PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao

Can you confirm whether the following statements were the truth?

If so, where are those 8Ks that were shipped, when will they reach the warehouses, and can some 8K backers expect to recieve their 8Ks sooner as a result?

And thank you for the updates you’ve already given. Any info is always better than having to wait without knowing how long.


??? Of course it was and people have indeed received them.


You mean there are backers who received their 8K after 12th Feb?


Yes. Some absolutely have.


That is good news then.

Haven’t seen any community members post about getting their 8K though, so didn’t realize.


In reddit looks like someone (actually 2?) got their 8K tracking no.

Seems to be US.
I wonder if any 8Ks were sent to Hong Kong …

His backer no also later than mine.


Got tracking for my 8K !!!
I’m #1942 in France

So it means #90 to #1942 were shipped after all!
There would be much less confusion if the spreadsheet was updated.


I am still hanging onto the hope that my 8k will be here by Easter backer 6621:worried: I stuck with the 8k but I am wondering if I will see it before it becomes 2 years since I put my $$ in :confused::worried:


i have gave up hoping and will expect my 3 bits when i see them as its stupid expecting anything different now


So we got 8Ks in US and in EU. Hoping some went to HK!

Feel sorry for some guys who switched to 5K+ to get it earlier and still don’t get it yet.

So happy for the people that are getting 8K tracking nos.


Well done , delighted for you , please post a review when you get it set up😉


I think once you have a sender account you can generate tracking numbers for items you’re about to send. However they don’t mean anything to the Logistics company until they’re handed over. The tracking numbers are just given by a generator that ensures unique numbers so there’s never 2 the same going through the company. I think. I’m not sure about this but I have noticed sellers generating tracking numbers prior to sending.
I don’t know why they’re not handed over. Usual practice is to generate the label and tracking number when you’re ready to send it and hand it over same day.


After we know more about 8k production and its timelines, can we get some more information about 5k BE OLED (or XR) edition? Would be good to know when production and shipping are planned to start.

@PimaxUSA @Dallas.Hao


wauw i must get mine soon too then, i’m 22xx in the netherlands :grinning: