[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



Morning everyone!

Looks like my package is out for delivery. :smile:


Date & Time Location Description
25 Feb 2019 08:22 Plymouth Your parcel will be with you today between 11:53 and 12:53
23 Feb 2019 07:02 Plymouth Your parcel has arrived at our Plymouth depot
22 Feb 2019 18:56 Hub 1 - Bham We have your parcel, and it’s on its way to our Plymouth depot
22 Feb 2019 18:53 Hub 2 - Bham We have your parcel, and it’s on its way to our Plymouth depot
22 Feb 2019 15:45 Stoke We have your parcel and it’s on its way to you
22 Feb 2019 08:25 Sender We’ve received your order details, and we’re expecting your parcel shortly


Another day still no tracking from DPD its going to be another long week


I’ve overtaken you again, my original 19 minute lead is now over an hour lol. Mine is being delivered to my pickup shop between 10:38-11:38…

I won’t be able to get there until 6pm to pick it up though :frowning:

It would be a real shame if my son decided not to go to footy training tonight :wink:


Weird that you haven’t got any tracking yet.

They’ve also moved the estimate for the 5Ks to Thursday :thinking:


i too am still awaiting and still feel like i will be final kickstarter backer to get theres lol but soon very soon i can feel it in my bones lol


That means I’ll get to play with mine before you get to play with yours…I WIN! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:



Let’s hope we both get to play and there aren’t any major issues, fingers crossed!

I’m like a kid at christmas now, slightly distracted at work :slight_smile:


Just remembered that I have some things to do today, so I may not get to play until tomorrow. :frowning:

At least I’ll still be around to accept the delivery. :slight_smile:



…so I’ve retaken the lead then? lol


Thanks for the update. Did they ship enough panels to build all the 8k backer headsets remaining in backlog?


I have my 5k plus, I just want my base stations and controllers. Any idea when?


My idea is that you should better not wait to receive the basestation any time soon. Better buy one used LH and controllers. Or an OG Vive set. Controllers could arrive sooner though but certainly not earlier than a few months.


No, I think I will be last to get my headset.

There should have been 8Ks sent to HK and they should have reached HK long before any reached US or UK. However, no 8Ks have been sent from HK yet.

HK seems to be a headset blackhole now and so I will probably get mine the last.


8K arrived an hour ago, backer 13XX. Can’t think what to do for the rest of the day…


YaY!!! My 8K just arrived! It came in such a tiny-wee box too. Backer: 3603.



@Dallas.Hao backer 36xx got his 8K, but I’m 24xx and still no tracking.

What is status of 8Ks sent to HK?
Why did backers in US/UK receive their 8K already but not any from HK?


The eagal has landed repeat the eagal has landed




Google translated to:

So, the closer you are to Mainland China, the slower you will get it it seems … (?)


Even some UK backers are still waiting i know i am give them more time looks like things are moving the right way now