[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



Backer 10XX. Received my 8K today!


Backer @1942. Received my 8k today as well.
I hope the other backers will get theirs soon … can’t wait to get back home!

@Dallas.Hao please add me to early backers group.


Hello there,give your impressions please to us.


Hello there,give your impressions please to us…


This is a cultural thing, asians are more patient so western backers first.


I haven’t even opened the box yet, but I’ll post when I do. :slight_smile:



I’m another 8k Backer who has received his headset today, got home from work at 18:20 and had a nice package waiting for me.


I wonder when mines coming. Backer 14xx over here :slight_smile:


So here is an interesting twist. I hope I don’t throw fuel on the fire here of those still waiting, but I just got quite the surprise. I am a Kickstarter backer in the #26xx range, was waiting on 8k. When Pimax started pre-orders and had a Black Friday sale and swiviver had an extra $50 off coupon back in November, I somehow convinced myself I’d like a 5K+ also, and may sell the one I don’t prefer, or may use the 8k for mixed-use, VR videos, etc…, whilst keeping the 5k+ for my main purpose (sim racing.) Yes, I know, first world problems. Don’t tell my accountant or better half! Anyway, like many here, I learned last week due to the 8k delays, some 5K+ pre-orders (not Kickstarter backers) were getting 5k+ they bought at retail even before 8k KS backers. So I got tracking last week on the 5k+ and chuckled a bit that it would arrive sooner then the original KS order. My KS order on the tracker in google sheets still shows on the “building” tab. However UPS finally arrived today, and the shock was there was BOTH the 5K+ I purchased late November AND my much awaited 8K. So no idea if someone saw I already had an order going out and got an 8K to ship with it or what happened, but no complaints. Hope I didn’t accidentally jump the line for anyone still waiting, but here’s hoping this means imminent release of other 8k units very soon (and sure hope mine is one of the good ones. No chance to open them and check out yet, fingers crossed!)


Congrats to getting both headsets. No we knew they were shipping preorders. They pissed off many of us.


Yes I saw they were shipping pre-orders too, and agree, but I have no idea how my 8k is here when still shows “building” on the spreadsheet, that’s the part I found most odd unless that document is very outdated.


The 2/18 one was outdated the instant it was posted. After looking through it despite them claiming 390 shipped the spreadsheet only reflected 54. So in my opinion it’s either they really are that inept or don’t care about us.


And do you like the 8k?


That’s some smart shipping right there!
Not many of us have both, so please do your personal comparison and share thought dude/dudette :smiley:

Naturally it’s partly a matter of taste, so personal preference and use is always a huge part. But do share






still no tracking from DPD


Spreadsheet Update please


It would be handy if those people who are receiving their headsets also state their backer number region please.


i wll one day when i get it lol