[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



Received mine on Monday 25th February 2019


Weird, i have a lower backernr. for 8k,also shipping via the UK warehouse haven’t received tracking yet.


It is unbelievable. I just read through the statements of the last months. Beginning of January, they said there will be daily updates. Now, it is 27th of February and the last update was 9 days ago. Is it really so hard to copy some numbers from internal spreadsheets to the public ones?
I’m backer 3590 and really losing my patience when I see all this mess. I can understand production issues, but I cannot understand communication problems.


congratulations…#2595 no tracking number…T.T


Well. In the last spreadsheet you’re on row 267 in the “building” tab. Should mean your 8K is produced before this week is over. Fingers crossed.

edit: I agree 100%. Information has been short all along. Pretty soon the posts about accessories and stretch goals will be taking over. Hope the info keeps getting better, cause the forums are getting tiresome with all the same questions over and over.


The spreadsheet is updated.




Thank you so much for updated spreadsheet.

A bit sad that a lot of 8K backers were SKIPPED … eg. even backer 653 didn’t get his 8K yet, or me backer 24xx … while backer 3666 or 5101 already got their 8K shipped.

I’m guessing they only sent to US and UK, all that need to go through HK were skipped.

Not really fair, but at least we should get the ones with best QA.


There are still 879 8Ks in Building tab.
3,900 backers have had their Pimaxes shipped.


I just got my 5k +, I hope it’s a 5k + because nothing on the label says 5k +, just PIMAX VR and Model P2.
I’m looking forward to testing tonight after work.
Thank you.
Backer 7035 - France
@Dallas.Hao please add me to early backers group.


Welcome to join EarlyBackers Group


Production progress updated


2 days earlier. Fantastic :slight_smile:


YES!! Not much longer now. Finally my 8K will be built!


I am in the UK and my status went from shipped to warehouse to building so you are not waiting alone i think the future is bright i keep telling myself that at least lol


Next yours will go into “Need further communication” … LOL


Yeah they may need me to pay again as well lol


It actually exists.
After 1.2 years of waiting. It feels so weird it being here.
5k+ backer 6738


Hey my 8k arrived today , can’t believe it ,the waiting is over!!!
Going to be the longest afternoon in work ever :joy::joy::joy::joy:
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Maybe soon they can focus everything on the accessories and stretch goals :nerd_face: