[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report



大佬,国内众筹的呢? @Dallas.Hao


Hi 你是国内8K吧?国内8K会和海外8K一起安排。全球一起,只不过物流方便的原因国内会更快收到货


可以请帮我看看我RMA寄回去5k+的是否确认收到吗? 应该一个星期前就抵达了。




Backer # 678X still waiting. No tracking #, No scheduled deliveries from UPS or FedEx. So the 28th rolls by with no Pi.:frowning:




@Dallas.Hao Why is pre order taking so long to ship to canada. Where are all the headsets.


Maybe you missed the good news. The first of the last of the Kickstarter 8Ks will be shipped on March 5th (if all goes well)

Edit: unless you’re 6781 or 6782, in which case your shipping information is incomplete according to the spreadsheet.


Good for 8K, I switched to 5K+ some time back. I was verified by e-mail. Spreadsheet now shows it shipping, however no tracking # has been sent and no scheduled deliveries with UPS or FedEx. Looks like mine is lost in the shuffle. If it arrived with the early pre-orders and they have been delivered, then where is it? Maybe it got mixed in with the 8K’ers. @Dallas.Hao


Gawd… Sorry to hear it. That 8K/5K+ switcheroo didn’t work out well at all.


@Dallas.Hao it has been 5 days since last update. Please give us another update. Thank you.


can you advise when first pre-order 8K will be shipped?

i purchase in 7th jan 2019, say will be shipped by 18th feb , but still no pimax or feedback at all…

just silence…


i purchase 8k in Nov 3 2017 , but still no pimax


Tomorrow all 8Ks are on the Way :slight_smile:


no tracking once more hope is dying lol


pre order gets a tracking number, but why not sent it to Kickstarter?


@Dallas.Hao … Why pre-order getting 8K before backer!!? I’m backer #2466 backed since 2017, but still not received tracking? :sob:

EDIT: actuallly he got a 5K+


the frieght forwarder seems to have abandoned us…^^


maybe in his region there aren’t anymore backers to deliver so they moved on to pre orders.


Thx for your remind,The progress updated