[Pimax Official 9th Jan] Kickstarter are in final step now,Headset type can not be changed



Dear Community,

For Shipping headset soon,we decide to close the headset type change for managing ship information.

Attention please,we will not accept kickstarter order change requirement.,the confirmed orders can not change headset type now.

Thank you !

Sebastian BE impressions, SDE like Vive pro?
MRTV - CES 2019 Live: Trying Out The Pimax 5K OLED Version
I received (in Microsoft Junkmail) at the 4. jan. ("we are about to ship..."). If I decide not now, they send my pledge? I would wait for a 5K BE review (?)
Why are headset choices locked in Pimax!?


What about backers who have filled out the survey but was not received by Pimax? Is the shipping spreadsheet going to be available today?


@Dallas.Hao, Please provide clear communication because I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

Is this affecting all backers hence you are closing this option or is it only affecting people scheduled for the next shipping batch? If the latter, backers will need to know when is the final cut off date.

Please publish the updated spreadsheet.

Also, some of us are awaiting reviews for the OLED version so how are we supposed to make the choice as no unit has been sent to be reviewed ?


It means that you can no longer switch your headset like 8k to 5k+, 5k be and so on.


Just to clear up any more posts about this, pimax has not given the option to switch to a 5K BE edition headset, they have been very gracious to allow us to switch between native resolution5K or the 8K given that we were slightly mislead, but the BE is not part of the kickstarter options, which appear to now be closing either way.

Edit: I was wrong, I apologize, I was an early backer and got my headset early and did not see any more surveys that allowed people to switch to BE, that’s my bad.


Probably a good decision for the sake of your sanity.

Tbh, I don’t even care which one I get, surprise me Pimax.


IMO they’ve managed to sort survey out or its to make the job a bit easier for them and i agree with the decision as long as all backers have made their choice.
I also would be very interested in seeing the spreadsheet again please, will it be available today ?


In my opinion, I think this announcement would be pre-announcement and specific the final date is 15 or any date.

I just wait my friend to test my 5k+ to check the black dot and black level while there is some impression of 5k BE and we are discussing about change to 5k BE too.

But I understand that pimax need to fix the quantity of each headset for production process, just recommend.

May I wait other one to buy 5k BE and make the future decision again that I should buy it or not, if 5k+ launch the color and contrast adjustment soon. May 5+ backer can be more satisfied about black level. (Black dot still be big issue for me, but no problem when I play with some action game, and may use 8k to watch movie or some animation vr instead).


I can smell my preordered 5k. Smells like February with a little hint of january :smiley:


yeah, except in the survey its one of the options.


After MRTV tell that 5k BE is the best he has ever tried, may a lot of people deciding to upgrade to 5k be instead, lol (me too).

But if a lot of people choose 5k BE while we still don’t know when 5k BE will be shipped, that mean the retail product or pre-order will have to wait more time too. (except 5k BE backer accept to get the headset later).


realistically, if its THAT much better and I feel the 5k+ isn’t good enough for me , I’m sure i could sell it.


As long as Pimax have received my survey request to change to the 5k+ I am happy .


Hmmmm… I got very excited as i saw the enthusiastic short review of 5k BE my Sebastian (MRTV , @mixedrealityTV ) ! 2 days ago I reanswered the surveys gotten 2nd time. Yesterday I received my 5k+ , first out of 4 pledges (2x 8k, 2x 5k+ , but first I decided to get 3x 5k +, 1x 8k keep the best and sell the rest).

First impressions of 5k+ :I am having a lot of fun with the headset and enjoy it especially the FOV! :smile:

But, as stated before, in completely dark scenes with very little or no contrast by objects in ones view even on the low brightness black level bothers me a bit, even if I am only a casual player and not into horror games like @VoodooDE. Yesterday I tried Apollo 11 VR HD and there are scenes where you look into the space with only few stars visible - for me it look lot greyish. But as soon you have some other object in your sightb with some color, because of the contrast the “black” appear black again! Enough black for my taste at leastn

SDE never was such a problem even on OG vive so SDE in magnitude of vive pro (like stated by Sebastian) also wouldn’t bother me.

Therefore I asked Pimax support if it’s possible to still change the headsets version like 5 hours ago but got no reply yet. (Of course with paying difference between 8k/5k+ to 5k BE). I just now read this announcement. I am afraid. I might be too late.

I really wished pimax would have give us more information on 5k BE and some testing results by three musketeers and set a deadline LATER on if they wanted to give us the possibility to change to 5K BE.

But even if I could’t switch anymore, I/you surely will have a LOT of fun even with 5k+ and 8k!



Oh, I apologize then. I was not told that it was added to the survey, as I was an early backer who got their headset before the BE was announced.


Same for me, would prefer a 5K+, however like @TrevorVR I’ve almost given up caring following this survey fiasco and there seems to be hardly any difference between the two so I’d also be happy with a fully working 8K. :slight_smile:


How about people who still not make the decision and not reply the survey, they can’t change too?
As I said, I think this should be the pre-announcement.


In my confirmation survey I had the option to choose 5K BE.

Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign

Matthew is checking the record and filling spreadsheet now.we will update latest sheet ASAP.