[Pimax Official 9th Jan] Kickstarter are in final step now,Headset type can not be changed



We are arranging shipment now,but some backers still changing their headset version which make us can not make proper schedule .

For shipping most orders soon,the confirmed orders can not change headset type now.

Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign

I use google translation. I am backer of the 8k but I always chose the 5k + in the survey and I stay with the 5k +
and I agree with your decision not to be able to change once the survey is completed


Backers must stop thinking that the PIMAX company belongs to them


Can you please take care of my support request 904? Thanks


I’ve had 2 open tickets from a week ago trying to get my headset choice straightened out. You closed the first one without resolving, and now the second is still open. I expect some better level of customer support.

@Dallas.Hao Do not ship me an 8K, I could not have been any more clear about this but it seems support does not even read the tickets.


You say that we cannot change but i opted to wait so why you send mine to wharehouse? my final was 5k+ and next i choose 8k because i thought that i have time until you send all products. i was waiting to know some more informations about 5kbe if i like more thant 8k i could choose that.
Now we know that be is the best and cannot change. For me i want the 8k or 5kbe edition but i cant change, very unprofessional… @Dallas.Hao you cant change mine 5k+ with the @burstingtops 8k?


Pimax have to be more professional. if they have the option to wait until all products is release why they are sending now the headset?


@Dallas.Hao you have many backers that want the 5k+ instead 8k. and many that want 8k instead 5k+ why you dont change between the backers,


Hi, I checked the Backer Detail Status 0107.xlsx list and found that my answer to the survey is not in the list instead the status is: “Need backers to reply the survey”.

What’s the way forward? Because i switched from the 8K to the 5K+ and want to make sure that this is what will be sent to me.



For me the same. Im Backer 2108 and i replied 5 days ago that i want the 5K BE.

That was written in the Mail : If you would like to upgrade to 5K BE version, we will contact you soon and make a double check. If you do not reply to us, your number will be delayed until you fill in the survey.

So when you will contact me ?


I literally could not imagine a more ill conceived move at this point. You posted a spreadsheet, which had hundreds literally hundreds of peoples status not in line with what they reported. People who filled in survey multiple times being told they didn’t, or did not correctly with no specificity. Then pulled the list as being wrong.

Now you post that people cannot change their headset from here on out.

What you have done with this is thrown hundreds of people into limbo. We have no way of knowing if the error in the list was genuine or not, who now, whether the error was their fault or surveymonkeys, are locked into their original pledge kickstarter choice. So now when a fixed list comes out, if there is still an error it’s tough shit.

It is literally incredible that you could choose to order the events in this manner.

Like if you wanted to do this. The correct order would be.

-release list.
-get lots of complaints.
-pull list.
-fix list.
-publish new list.
-tell people with error to file support ticket.
release post and email explaining situation and issuing 24-48 hour window to contact support with ticket if you have issue on list.

would it have been so hard to do this right.



I was thinking pimax is getting better in communication in little steps. And now this! This is the biggest bullshit in the whole campaign!

For month we’ve been discussing the pros and cons of 8k and 5k+ and I chose to switch. Now pimax tells us this.

Will I get a 8k instead of a 5k+ now just because pimax can’t handle a simple thing like a survey and communication? Pimax, please clearify this ASAP!



Ok. I found out there is more information hidden in another thread. This forum is a mess… :frowning:


did they fix the list?


Perhaps. But I couldn’t find anything. There are too much threads on this…


Producing headsets when backers said that want to wait is another problem. and its seems that they dont care i have always the same response in 5 emails that i sent:
" Since we have announce that we are about to ship the headsets to the backers and we have produced your 5k+ headset according to your choice.

We cannot provide the service to change the headset model for you.

Please be advised."

its seems almost an automatic email with the same message. its seems they dont read the emails, dont try to fix the problem. they simple dont care.


whats really incredible is, they pulled this in a topic where they were literally apologising and promising to do better.

And this is as polite as this is going to get . if there are tens of people reporting list errors then it scales massively to the client base in total that is not visiting forums. And the first they are going to hear about this is when they open a box and have an 8k instead of a 5k+ like the 3 surveys they filled out said they would get, and when the contact support will be told aw yeah the survey or you fucked up in some way, so rather than telling you in a mail, we just didnt, and closed the option to correct it via forum topic a few months ago adiosssss.


I also got the answer i asked few hours before announcement of not beeing able to change the headset anymore, that i couldn’t change mine anymore (even if they are #247, 534#, #567x). :roll_eyes: although I doubt they produced may headsets, at two last ones…i would have liked to have all 3 headsets( 5k+, 5k BE and 8k) to compare them by myself. :slightly_frowning_face:
I just wish Pimax was more transparent on 5k BE.


if i wanted to be cynical i would say this is a great way to shift the 8k’s no one wanted.


Well, i trully hope it doesnt turn up bad, nonetheless several backers seem be quite satisfied with their 8ks. It seems to be all about personal preferences. , games you play and expectations on specs like black levels , colors and so on.