[Pimax Official 9th Jan] Kickstarter are in final step now,Headset type can not be changed




This is as outrageous as it can be. And you say this without any preventive period of time, like a week or so…

I have two pledges! and now I’m stuck with 2 8Ks? This is incredible!

I was waiting on the first 5K BE Oled Impressions to make my mind about which two headsets to get, and now that they are starting to arrive 5K BE Oled Impressions, the same they Pimax pull out the chance to switch.

Man, you cannot apologize saying you would do better with communication from now on, and suddenly pull this off. You can say: “If you want to switch, make sure you do it so through this week. Because after that, the Kickstarter could not be changed further” That would be fair.

This is not fair at all. I have a Full 8K Pledge and another 8K Headset pledge? Am I now stuck with 2 8K? I cannot believe this.

Please answer me


@Dallas.Hao While I understand you want to freeze HMD choice to help planning production and shipping, it is a VERY bad idea to announce this freeze without a single warning.

It is even more bad communication to announce such freeze after you just have sent the survey again, the smart thing to do was to make this freeze announcement BEFORE sending the 2nd survey so people knew this was their last change chance.

So please set a date like 2 or 3 weeks from now when this freeze will become effective and maybe send the survey again so everyone know this will be their definitive choice.

Also it is very sad we haven’t been able to have any 5KBE review before freezing the HMD choice… A few months ago when the 5KBE was made public and you offered backers to switch to this version too you promised to send this model to the youtubers but you never did it…


We must all pray to Kevin.


I just asked some hours ago to change to 5K BE after 1st review out. response was

Hi friend,

Sorry for your inconvenience, we cannot provide the service to change the choice that you made before.
Please be advised.


And i wanted to have a 8k instead 5k+ i have to stay with 5k+. Now we know that 5k be (oled) its the best i preferred to choose that. very very disappointed

i couldnt test the headsets before i choose in survey. i choose 5k+ because all people was talking was the best. but after seeing the complaint about the black spots i wanted to choose again the 8k. I think i will hate the black dots that all people speak and prefer better black colors and sde.


Fully agree with Neelrocker ,I too have been waiting for a review on the 5K BE,having a very high number 61xx I thought we would have the chance to hear reviews from SwerViver or
Sebastion .With no prior info before the last survey you would have to take a punt to mark down for a BE.
I understand Pimax wanting to organize there assembly line but looking at the fiasco going on with the last couple of servey’s I would think there is plenty of time to accommodate https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/apology-for-the-delays-with-kickstarter-campaign/12420/332backers.
Pimax please reconsider.


I’ve been always very supportive of Pimax, but this is unacceptable.

  • Pimax gave a word to KS backers that they can change to 5K BE if they want to;
  • 5K BE was not given to any of the reviewers for a full review;
  • all of the surveys never mention 5K BE, so KS backers never had a chance to switch to 5K BE;
  • MRTV 5K BE quick review 16 hours ago (CES review) said that 5K BE is the best headset of the 5K+, 8K and 5KBE because of Pimax fixed all problems with 5K BE he saw during the last meetup - this is FIRST some kind of 5K BE review - 16 HOURS AGO
  • and 8 hours after MRTV review Pimax locks the KS backer decision;
  • now that we know that 5K BE is the best (OK, may be the best) - we don’t have an option to change to it;

What I want to see is a clear indication that they are working to fix it - give us, KS backers an option to make a final decision to switch to 5K BE. Some rough estimate of the 5K BE ETA would be nice too.


Thinking the same, although Sebastian did not clarify if the hangup he had with the 8K lower FPS causing the wobble effect is still there and looking at the specs for the BE it does not have ‘Brainwarp support’


yeah but some people says the wobble effect can exist in 5k+ . Even @SweViver saw that in 5k+ . maybe with other foam its possible to disappear in 8k. its because of this that is hard to choose so many opinions. i didnt have any chance to test and choose what it fits best to me.


Thanks I did not know that


And some people wonder why we don’t believe.


Maybe this is to prevent mass people wanting to now swap to the 5KBE thanks to Sebastian’s 1st impressions.


So he tries the headset for 4 minutes and says this is the best headset and you believe him? Dont come in the forum complaining about sde if pimax do let you switch. Like did you see how quick he cought the sde? He said it very easy to see.


Yeh I am in the same feeling as Robin Weng, that I would prefer the 8K lesser SDE over the improved black levels.


All Pimax headsets are some kind of trade-offs. It’s not my fault that we never had any in-depth 5K BE review BEFORE Pimax locked our choice. I can remember they wanted to give 5K BE to beta testers a while ago.

I’m OK with the the fact that 5K BE may be still in development stage, and they have ironed out ghosting and distortion after the last meetup.

From MRTV review - 5K BE looks like Vive Pro with 170 degrees FOV. I chose 8K for better black levels, now I see an option to have even better colours and blacks plus I don’t have to upgrade my graphic card to insane 2080Ti like in case of 8K.

That’s what Pimax saying on their BE page for 5K BE:

“5K BE As requested by the community, we have made the first limited batch of business model, Pimax 5K Business Edition, available for backers
GPU - NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1070 AMD® equivalent or above”


im in the same boat, i wanted 8k but now there are the 5k be and i have to stay with 5k+ :frowning:


The BE they probably do not have the materials to make yet or it still under development.


You could be waiting another year for the BE, you would be better of getting the 8K, 5K+ now and sell it in a years time then get the BE.


Is Sebastian a god and you follow him like sheeps?? The 5K BE has more pixels and cost a lot more for backers!


Yeah I have just looked at Seb 5KBE preview and I find very strange coincidence the announcement for locking the HMD choice happens right after this preview where Seb is so amazed by this version…

I have always been reluctant going to the lcd versions (5k+ and 8K) due to the grey blacks and unsaturated colours.

The latency and softness of the 8K made it not appealing to me despite the warmer colours and tad better black level

The 5K+ had my preference due to the sharpness universally reported but those who tried it although I have still been worried by the black dots I see very often in through the lenses pics posted by backers who are receiving their 5K+, and I’m still worried by 5K+ cold colour temperature and the fact this is the one with the worst black level.

I have always been looking for a review of the 5KBE because I know oled is my thing due to the awesome blacks and colours, but I was expecting the SDE to be too similar to the rift to make the 5KBE a valuable option.

But now we have Seb saying the SDE is very similar to the vive pro, then this is a completely different story !!

So I can now imagine the 5KBE as a very valid option for me. That choice would let me skip all the negatives I fear about the other versions, no grey blacks, vibrant colors, maybe warmer temperature by default, no latency, no black dots, this at the cost of more SDE but SDE has never been the main factor for me.

But I wouldn’t make that choice based on a single quick test from Seb in a CES booth and with a single game, I would need a decent review from Seb and Sweviver and Thomas to be sure I make the right choice.

Also I would need to know when this would be produced as Robin says it is “almost finish product”, to know how long it would delay delivery if I switched to that model. Now after waiting so long already I wouldn’t mind having to wait a few more weeks to get a HMD I would be much more pleased with than the 2 others.

So I now even more want this HMD choice lock/freeze to be delayed.

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu Please send a 5KBE to the youtubers (Seb, Sweviver, Thomas) to give us a chance to switch to that model after we can hear what they think about it after using it with a few more games and for a few hours/days. This was the initial plan.