[Pimax Official 9th Jan] Kickstarter are in final step now,Headset type can not be changed



Pimax should just say if you want the 5k BE it will take another 3 months waiting. Then send the preorders out first with the backers hmd that want to wait and of course haven’t been shipped yet. If it’s money just say to the backers sorry $100 extra won’t cover costs we miscalculated and then say $150 or whatever.


Just checked the Backer Detail Status sheet and saw that my backer number #7019 is “Finish production and will arrive SH by 1/14” … looks like i’ll get my headset soon!



Huh where? There is no updated sheet out there. Not yet at least. you must’ve looked at the old one.


They made it available for preorder, surely they need to be very close or already have final version? The whole Pimax 8K KS story been very much like roller-coaster for me, but at least they gave us a choice before.


i dont want the be but at least the 8k. if someone want change spot with me i dont mind but someone of pimax should answer.


Hm youre right they do have it for preorder. Guess it near complete then.


I am afraid of pimax will ship wrong headset for a lot of unit and backer will argue about their change.
So pimax need to show that who will get any headset in the excel.
But if pimax do that, people will use this chance to change the headset for the last time.

So it is up to pimax want to choose between shipping wrong and change later (or not change), or let people to make the final decision again.
@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu May you have though about this because I see some other topic where you ship the wrong headset.

p.s. I reply to support around 4-5 emails and without any reply.
How about for my claim product? If I don’t rush to get the new headset soon, so I still can choose the new one?



While I appreciate you posting the spreadsheet to determine backer status, it claims that I have not responded to the backer survey. I have faithfully responded to every survey sent.

I am backer 3881. This is unacceptable as I have done my part. Please resolve this ASAP as it looks like I have already been pushed out of the queue and later backers will be receiving their pledge ahead of me due to your error.

Thank you for your prompt attention.


you leave where? in europ? and what choice of headset was?


It’s not relevant. The spreadsheet states that I did not complete the survey, when I, in fact, did… repeatedly. That’s the issue.


The originally posted spreadsheet had incorrectly pulled data, and was not accurate. They are going to release an updated spreadsheet soon. Please wait until the correct info is released before worrying too much.

Pimax Help survey

Unless every backer has already had the chance to give their response, I really don’t think this is fair. Are there any backers out there yet to receive a survey?

For those who opted to wait (this being presented as an option), they should be given at least a day or so to finalise their choices.

I think it’s fair enough that those who have already responded are now locked in.

I used my chance to change to a 5k+, but I would have been pretty disappointed if they took away this chance after the first 1000 backers and I missed out.


The spreadsheet is inaccurate. A new one will be posted soon. That’s why it was deleted.


I hope so. I answered all surveys and I am still not listed. Now I’m reading you can’t change anymore. I have a lot of patience, but now I am slowly getting angry.


I have cut them slack at every point but this one gets my goat honestly.


Same here I received only the first survey but never the other 2 and i am not listed.
How can i get assistance on this?


We probably all loaded up the support inbox with ‘wtf? It shows you are waiting for my info on the spreadsheet!’ emails. … lol, they’ll get it straightened out. I’m not worried.


I have also responded to every survey… but listed as not. I am worried…


Getting it wrong the first time is a mistake. Getting it wrong on the second time is clearly a disaster.
Not even receiving a confirmation after successful answering is always worrying.


A Disaster, eh? Sounds serious.