[Pimax Official 9th Jan] Kickstarter are in final step now,Headset type can not be changed



It is serious. How can you manage a firm if you can’t take and process orders.


Is this another sales pitch to generate preorders, just a thought.


I don’t agree with that.

Speaking about my case, I had not answered the 1st survey on purpose, because I’m at the very end of the list and my choice wasn’t set yet.

Then they have sent the 2nd survey and as the regular shipment updates showed they were doing some random shipment of very high backers number I decided to answer this 2nd survey to have at least my current preferred choice filled in “just in case my number was pulled out the shipping lottery”, but still having in mind I could still ask for a change as it had always been possible so far.

And then there is this sudden abrupt announcement that switching is not allowed anymore, and this happens the same day we (finally) have some more informations about the oled version that could precisely trigger a last minute change.

This annoucement with no warning is not acceptable. If I had known that was the final decision I would not have answered to that 2nd survey right away and would have waited for pimax to communicate on a date limit to give our definitive final choice.

Locking the choice by surprise is completely crazy and unfair. I’m ok with the fact they want to get a definitve answer about the choice but then this must be done honestly, telling before that your answer will be definitive and not by taking you by surprise and as if this was a trap.

What about someone who has made a mistake because he didn’t pay enough attention when answering this 2nd survey not knowing this will be considered as his final and definitive choice ? He would now be stuck with the wrong HMD ?

This is crazy, pimax must stop taking stupid decisions like that. If you want to do it fair you tell backers you really need their final decision but in no occasion you can set a real definitve date after which no change is accepted. You can set a limit date to ensure a maximum of backers will give their answer but then you should still deal past that date with individual and residual cases due to errors or from the most undecided people, and this until their unit haven’t been shipped (which is the only limit where it is acceptable nothing can be done anymore, unless you had tried to contact pimax and they have ignored your request and shipped the undesired HMD, which should be very very rare if they are doing their job and answering requests).

How they have decided to lock the choice by surprise cannot be justifyed. This is as if your were in a restaurant and then your are asked what you want to eat, the person write it down and when he/she goes away you ask him/her for a last minute change and she/he answer “sorry, you have had plenty of time to make your choice. Now I have written it down and I must go check other tables so I won’t let you change”.


… you gotta make up your mind, man. They’re producing and packing them for shipment.

Just how much time do you need? You shouldn’t have answered if you’re planning to change your choice.

Edit: To use your own analogy, it’s like you made your order and the chef is making it, it’s almost ready to go out to your table and you think it’s okay to change your mind. -It’s not.


It’s not about how much time I need it’s about basic politness of warning people they are being asked for their final decision…


Not a valid analogy. Because this order could be lost if it couldn’t go to someone else who would be waiting for the same thing.

Here we are talking about HMDs pimax will have to produce to fulfill preorders and orders.

The only consequence of a last minute change is your shipping will be delayed and “may” happen after the preorder shipments have begun.


@neelrocker they are trying to do logistics and organize shipments to different warehouses world wide and then from those warehouse onto the countries in close proximity to them. They are also working on coordinating with shipping partners in those countries. Bulk shipments (multiple orders at the same time) save lots of money and reduces the work needed to ship an item. Before anyone flames me for the previous statement please remember they are running a business and not a charity. Put yourself in their shoes, at the end of they day if you’re running a business you would make a similar decision now that they are well in their way to shipping all the KS pledges before or around the end of January. All of the things I mentioned take time and work.

As far as politeness go, they are giving you a warning now.

Now go fill out your survey


“just in case my number was pulled out the shipping lottery”

So you accept that if they had already shipped, you’d be locked in. What if they’ve received your survey and they have adjusted their production plans based on it? In terms of production efficiency it doesn’t make sense them to alternate between the 2 (or indeed 3) headsets on the same production line.

You were given the option to wait, but nowhere did Pimax say you could make provisional choices and change them afterwards. “No backsies” is a pretty is a pretty normal when it comes to orders like this. We were only granted the option to change our orders due to the unveiling of the 5k+, which was replacing the 5k. SInce many considered the 5k+ superior to the previous flagship 8k, we were given the choice. It wouldn’t have been a shock if we didn’t get that choice though, right?

What if they hadn’t called it the 5k+, and it was just the 5k. Nobody had tested the 5k at that point, so it would just have been a case of “Hey this headset is better than everyone expected”. Who could complain if Pimax had locked us in with our original backer surveys?


I don’t ignore the reason they would like to have the final choice now but by no way this can justify locking the choice with no warning.

You never put a knife under your customers throat like that, this is just the worst commercial pratice ever, even more when the customer is a backer who made your product possible and went through such a painful process of numerous delays and so on.

Also this is not the last HMD pimax will sell to people through the same warehouse than the one my HMD will have to go through. So even if there is some exceeding HMD stored in whatever warehouse due to some last minute changes from some backers it will just go to someone else from a pre-order or an order. This will change nothing for pimax, we are not talking about planning the production of millions of HMDs from which a few percent would make a significant number of HMDs not having a buyer.


@Dallas.Hao, @Matthew.Xu
Good morning Dallas/Matthew
There are backers in the 4000+ range that are receiving their HMDs yet many of us in the 0-2000s have not, apart from those who did not complete surveys Im confused how deliveries managed to skip us but make it to 4000’s.


That’s what I have said, and I have added “unless pimax would have ignored a change request they had decent time to check”.

But for the time being, my unit has not been shipped.

This is not a valid argument. They are going to need to produce a lot more HMDs to fulfill pre-order they already have. Any exceeding HMD can go to a pre-order.

Yes, so far it was admitted rule the choice from the survey could be changed uppon manual request.

You are drifting from the subject here. But if you want my answer on that: I wouldn’t have found acceptable they don’t give the choice for a HMD that was developped with the backers funds. So yes, giving the choice was just normal and I don’t consider this as a good gesture backers should be thanksful for.

I can also add they also offered to switch to the 5KBE (oled) promising those would quickly be sent to the youtubers so they can share a review of it with us to help us make our decision, which never happened. And now they announce locking the choice the precise day they showcase it at the CES… This is a very valid reason to give us extra time to make our final decision, especially since we all know the vast majority already know they are not interested in oled version, meaning the vast majority can still give pimax their final choice quickly if pimax ask for that, and only a minority potentially interested in the oled version may wait a bit longer to get the needed information about this version.

And finally I can even point at another unfair decision regarding this proposition to switch on the 5K+: people who backed for a 5K are receiving for free a better HMD than what they backed for, while people who backed for a 8K can opt for the same price for a 5K+ with a $100 coupon, which is not the same thing. This means the ones who participated less get the benefit from what everyone has funded (even those who founded more) while those who funded more are forced to accept a coupon they may have no use of, meaning in the end they will just have paid their 5K+ $100 more.

But now we have gotten far from the initial subject.


Glad my order will arrive in a week or so, I’m in the 4000 range so I’m guess I’m quite lucky or I was just fast with the survey. Also I didn’t decide to switch to the 5k+ from the 8k version.

As long as it has more detail than the Oculus Rift I’m fine really. Mostly want more immersion for racing sims


On that last point good to see someone who finally agrees with me.


@zayd @Wooties

I have pledged for a second headset and the first survey did not even ask about it. I sent a support ticket and got a canned message “Please complete survey”. OK, I complete the survey again, this time the survey asks what my original pledge was for the second headset but not what I want to change it to. I add a response to my ticket explaining that and then my ticket is automatically closed as resolved. Open a new ticket, explain situation, 2 days go by with no response and suddenly “Sorry no more changing headsets”. Nice that you think that is fair for everyone though.


Yes, some people don’t realize how nice backers have been with pimax, accepting a lot of compromises (with just some moaning on top).


That would fall under “not having had the chance to reply to the survey”. I said it was fair enough that those who HAD responded already were locked into their choice. This of course assumes that Pimax have appropriately processed your response and haven’t messed it up.

As I said above, I was grateful for the chance to switch my pledge to the 5k+, and I don’t agree with others not getting the chance just for being a bit behind in the queue (whether it’s because they themselves delayed for more decision making time as suggested by Pimax or just having a higher backer number)


Glad to see so optimistic people in this forum.

From the official Pimax 5K BE communication:

As always, your wish is our wish. We discussed today and decide to split certain amount from our business units to offer limited units (3000 - 5000) for backers and enthusiasts during pre-order.

For the best benefits of our backers, we will offer backers special deals:

  • Pimax8K backer can add $100 to switch to Pimax 5K BE;
  • Pimax5K backers can add $200 to switch to Pimax 5K BE;
  • Backers already made a decision, you can still change your mind.
  • The above benefits apply to backers who already have received the headsets as well.

To help you to make a decision, we will:

  • provide official comparison on the Pimax website;
  • ship testing units to reviewers asap ; and
  • bring the demo to you in meetups.


@Dallas.Hao Hi Backer 2128 here. Why does it say survey response needed? Ive aswered the survey 3 times. See support ticket 897


Yet again someone finds something to make me regret what i wrote :rofl:.


Sorry … :smile: 20chars