[Pimax Official 9th Jan] Kickstarter are in final step now,Headset type can not be changed



The confirmed orders which means these orders have confirmed at least once.Actually, some backers changed their decisions more than twice.

We stop headset type change for shipping headsets they have decided.


So did you get the Surveymonkey data? I’ve completed the survey multiple times.

Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign

that’s the reason why we update the spreadsheet.

Backers will know their orders has confirmed or not in spreadsheet


Where is the updated data sheet? We all just want to know where we stand, if at all.


Okay. I hope you can publish the updated spreadsheet soon. It would clear up the situation.



Every day that passes is another day we drop down the delivery queue.


I do not see any updated spreadsheet posted there?


So backers maybe better wait for the updated list before sending a support ticket.


Does anybody know why that list ends at 5714? I’m in the 6000’'s. :thinking:


The spreadsheet lies.


Yes the old one. They haven’t published the updated version yet.


Cheers (20charcaters?)


It’s just the row number, backer number is on the right. It’s an outdated list anyway.

Edit. Or do you see the updated list somewhere?
I have the January 7th list open on my laptop and it hasn’t been updated since.


Did they really? The specs of the 5k didn’t really upgrade (as presented to backers when they made the decision). They backed 2x 1440p screens, RGB, 90Hz refresh. All that stayed the same. They ended up sourcing better screens than planned, but I don’t think anyone backed with knowledge of the original screens. The specs are still the same as what was backed. The only reasons for it being called the 5k+ and not just the 5k are: marketing and the belief that the basic 5k is still a viable product.

I can’t remember if the original plans to make the 5K OLED were cancelled before the kickstarter campaign ended, but I imagine it must have been that way else there’d have been a lot of (justifiably) angry 5k backers.


So just to confirm, the non-switching restriction only applies to those who have already responded to the pre-shipping surveys?


@asonkin65 is that 5K BE communication new or old?

also, this forum is confusing. is the spreadsheet updated yet? i want to see if i’m even on there - backer in the high-high 5xxx’s


It’s the last 5K BE communication. The updated spreadsheet is not out yet.


gotcha. thx

FYI MRTV would make a good politician. not sure if this has been posted yet:

5K BE - at second glance screen door effect WORSE than Vive Pro.

jk @mixedrealityTV thanks for all your work man :slight_smile:

i hope A) you’re telling the truth or B) Pimax paid you a lot to shut everyone up hahaa. get that bred!


Please tell me this is not the updated data sheet, IF it is then it is still wrong.