[Pimax Official 9th Jan] Kickstarter are in final step now,Headset type can not be changed



Where do you see a sheet?


Anyone can give me the website he uplouded his photos to? Sounds like he said mrtvelite.c0m? Lol


Why is this so confusing?
Don’t they have a long list with all emails and just send people their status and if pimax lost they survey data ask again?

This is a Script with about 10 lines! Hire some web developers!

As I remember there are tools for managing backers or communication in general. All big kickstarters have problems like this. That’s why these tools exist.

I want pimax to succeed! Many times after all this waiting and bullshit. I always told myself: “This is a small company. They will get better.” And the anger was away.

But now this dosn’t work. They fucked it up while apologizing for being so late. This is sad. I am angry.

Okay. I opened a support ticket. Perhaps they can check my information. But what about the hundreds who are not every day on this forum? Or the ones who don’t find this important information in this mess of a forum? This is so unfair to them.

Pimax, please! Confirm with all backers per mail!



Hi all,

Maybe a silly question but what does SH mean?

In the backer detail status file.


Shanghai warehouse most likely.


Its in his best interest for you to believe that.


you still need the 2080ti


you think you got it bad, i’m backer 2128.

Dear @Dallas.Hao please make sure mine is shipped before his :wink:


but he still wants it most i bet


I think we backers should calm down now, we have waited for a full year and we are nearly there. In fact a lot of backers got their units already.
So I say let Pimax do their thing and let’s not spam their support system and poke them in the forum, unless it’s a real issue.

What do you think happens when suddenly 5000 backers starts to ask about “wheres my headset”
They probably don’t have that many people working on the support let alone here in the forum, in fact only two of them answering the non-technical questions.


I wonder all the time what is with the backers who are not here in the forum.Are they not asking questions?


You will most likely see them on facebook asking where is their headset or why they didn’t receive controllers or base stations with headset,
Saw a couple of them last week.
But yeah not fair at all…
I remember last week Matthew answering me “Next week everything will be better”…
Well its not, lets hope we can get an update about shipping before days end in China :slight_smile:

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu


I paid for my Oled upgrade about 3 weeks ago but I am high 5000 backer, want to make sure there is no problem.


Actually, you can. I payed for my upgrade of $100 a few weeks back. I simply sent them an email with my order number and they asked me to simply pay for the difference.

Now, I hope they don’t do any weird changes and not fulfill my order correctly


so is the summary of the current situation basically, that the links at top and bottom of pimax mails went to two different surveys and everyone who picked one rather than the other did not have their information updated?


No one knows what actually happened . We are ALL waiting for Pimax to clarify the spreadsheet problem but for some reason they haven’t yet .


What does SH mean? @Dallas.Hao


SH = Shanghai ! 2020202020


Sh means Shipping & handling



I sent a reply to the first survey. We got a couple of random other requests asking the same thing with no explanation why… and they linked to different pages, all very confusing.

Rummaging around on this forum (which I shouldn’t have to do) there was talk of them losing the first lot.

I’m a very very busy chap with lots goign on, don’t haev time to rummage around forums. I still wasn’t confident whatwas going on. No new message from Pimax but just this stupid message saying you can’t change now???


Am I getting the 5K+ which I want or, because I hadn’t replied to the weird double re-request, is it now OVER and I will only get 8K???

This had better not be the case. If I get the 8K I will be absolutely outraged and all hell will break loose. You’ve already screwed up all the way, but this is just another level and totally unacceptable!