[Pimax Official 9th Jan] Kickstarter are in final step now,Headset type can not be changed



The error he has made was to make this public declaration of the equivalence with the vive pro SDE after only a quick test with a dark game.

But it is very honest and professionnal from him to admit he made a mistake and give his updated feeling about the SDE very quickly so his previous incorrect information doesn’t spread for days or weeks.

And he was nice to make through the lenses pics and share this with us (which I’m going to check now, thanks Seb ! )

edit: can’t see the pics, it seems he made them private instead of public


strange situation when the one who publish wrong information on your choice following the survey said that it will not change it anymore…
I replay hope that the updated list will be published soon and status corrected.


I posted them yesterday:


Looks to me, good enough SDE and love the colors


Good enough was my first reaction too, but open those pics in an image viewer and set it to your screen width (more representative of the SDE as seen into the HMD), nah, this seems very close to gen1 SDE unfortunately :frowning: (and that’s confirmed by people who were able to test it at the meetings).

I really wished it had similar SDE to vive pro but it seems clear this is not the case, and not even in between OG vive and pro.


I am OK with it. It looks better than the OG Vive, but worse than the pro. I am ok with that. SDE elimination is not my priority. I would like it to have less SDE, but i realize that SDE is not everything. Color quality is VERY important. Thats why Im ok with some SDE.


I too am showing as “has not responded” on the sheet, I’m backer 4,550. I’ve responded to all the surveys. Not sure what’s going on.


there were two links on the surveys. the human brain would expect the two survey links to go to same place. The galaxy brain would realise one of the links was a clever trap that goes to a dud survey.


I tried all of them and apparently none of them work cause my info is not confirmed.


To be clear, what was your choice and what did you receive?


I received an 8k with wobbles/tracking issues.


Ah, interesting. I was expecting the opposite to be honest. Have you tried using different thicknesses of padding yet to alleviate the “wobbling” issue? SweViver mentioned in another thread that to eliminate that effect the headset needs to be moved towards/away from your eyes a bit more, depending on the thickness of the padding you received with your headset (apparently Pimax is sending out different thicknesses to everyone, with there being 3 possible variations of thickness).


I was only sent one thickness pad and the issue I have is maybe worse than others cause it’s like really jerky it’s really a violent shake that happens in the steam menu and it’s mostly on initial start getting better over time.


Also didnt get the leap motion module. Did anyone except testers get this module?


I don’t think so, think this was for testers/reviewers only.


I did pay for one, I meant for others who paid for one.


Well in that case, that makes no sense. Who knows what Pimax is doing at this point; honestly I doubt even they know.


Have you tried to flash the tracking firmware? There was a suggestion about 8K wobbling issue fix:


I’ve sent quite a few emails to support without a response and messaged Mathew here directly yesterday I’ll try doman.chen I guess.


I did see those, and I filled out both of the links in each email. I’ve been browsing these forums for a while and saw indication that there were two different links - but as others have said, none of the info I submitted appears to be confirmed.