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This is my review…

Playing “Contagion VR: Outbreak” last night, let me set the scene for you…

Zombie First Person Shooter :- Check
Dark Atmospheric Scenes :- Check
Lots of suspense :- Check
Intense sounds :- Check

So here I am, creeping around, only 5 rounds left, so trying to be as quiet as possible… Checking doors and corners and hearing the sounds of the ‘infected’ just around the corner…

I am in a dark room, filled with the sounds of my VR experience, totally engrossed in the game and what I am doing, when my blind Jack Russel enters the room and proceeds to lick my leg… No I am not ashamed to admit that my scream would have any 12 year old ‘mean girl’ clapping with the anticipation of a sugar addict in a chocolate factory, but as a nearly 50 year old veteran of such genre’s as Arma 3, Project Cars 2 and Elite Dangerous, I admit a little bit of poo came out !

After taking about 20 mins to calm down, have a scotch and get over the PTSD, I once again took to shooting Zombie’s/Infected, however this time the door was LOCKED !!!

Please feel free to flame away… After going through this above experience, I can take anything !!



That’s awesome! Now that’s immersive value. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Due to Razer Hydra being too buggy can only enjoy orig flat game. :flushed:


Contagion VR is good, but still quite buggy, especially the gun mechanics etc, but it is fun :wink: I tried their Demo on Steam, freebie !!


Indeed. Hopefully Dead Frontier 2 will follow suit with a vr version. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


my Review is online Review for Gaming Experience Event



Posted: How my Pimax 5K+ Experience has Rekindled my Passion for VR


Hello @Leon.Wang , Here is a link to my review, can you post at the top near my user name. Thank you!


Sure. Nice one, good job!


Hi there, just wondering: Would it be possible for one of the persons taking part in this activity to cheat by opening a number of accounts on this forum, and then voting for his/her own review? Perhaps you already thought about this, but in any case my suggestion is to only accept votes from users that were registered before this activity was announced, i.e. users that registered on this forum before March 1. @Leon.Wang


It is actually against Forum rules to create ‘phantom’ accounts I believe…


That is true, but is there any effective system for checking that? I don’t remember anybody checking my identity when I signed up.


Just the Mods I would assume… unless the forum software has some tracking etc…


And about people who just received their Pimax and registered for this event, they can’t vote for themselves?
The only way is to check ip adress.


There is a variety of methodes for checking duplicate accounts & always some clever to find ways around security measures. Likely good to have requirements like been a member since X date.

But on a side note would it be worth it to take a chance cheating & being completely disqualified from winning this contest & likely from participating in future contests?


I agree but if there’s no rule, there’s no cheat. That’s comon sense. The most important thing is to publish rules before the vote starts

Duplicate accounts should be prohibited but I disagree on banning people who register to vote. This event purpose is also to show to everyone Pimax isn’t as bad as some guys say AND give some tricks to future customers.


If your not supposed to spam a forum with accounts than a rule not setup spam accounts to vote is not really necessary don’t cha think?


Of course! Bots, spams and multi accounts are a pain in the *ss ^^

I was thinking about being member since x date. That’s not prohibited by any forum rules and btw I don’t believe that’s a good idea.


Entered yesterday…I think. Not usually my thing but I figured why not? - Link to video and text review/impressions.

@Dallas.Hao @Leon.Wang


Here’s a link to my review, thank you

@Leon.Wang @Dallas.Hao


Can you help me please, can I be the 60th on listor is closed, I can’t go on?

I sent the picture of Pimax but now i’m on SURVEY MONKEY .com
What I have to do to continue the review? Have I to create an account there? Why?

I want write the review, but how, where and how to add link like the others on the list??
I never used very muche FORUMS in general, is always confusing. What to do to complete?